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Problem with Anvil challenge, level 2

Anvil challenge, second boss.

About half or more often, when I get to the second boss and get him down to his second gas attack, he fires, but no damage and no miss is shown. Then it’s no one’s turn and we all stand around.

I then restart the game and try again. Sometimes it happens again, sometimes I get through it.

The picture below is an iOS screenshot after the problem occurs. No one’s turn and nothing highlighted.

Although it shows as being the boss’ turn, he’s already done his gas attack.

Had this happen to me as well. Force closing the app and reentering allows me back in at the same boss level. Will play later to see if the bug happens again.

Did it a second time. I also cannot leave the battle.

This is a very old bug, guess it’s reared its ugly head again

Same thing is happening to me to

Hey everyone, thanks for letting us know!

Are you still having this issue at the moment?

I had it at my last play about 4 hours ago.