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Problem with battle


I have a problem with this weeks “bleu” battle , i kill two of the creatures and come to the last but after wounding it it wants to swap . But having killed the others it can’t . Problem is it does not respond anymore . I can restart but it does not fix it. Today i tried again the same happened!
Please look into this .


P.s. i can’t play this battle now because it just counts down 300sec. Every time.

Issues with disconnect during a battle

So that means the AI has quit on you, and if you really want that reward you have to wait the 300 seconds. It’s annoying but part of the gameplay.


I am having so many issues with battles I am ready to delete the whole thing. Every time I do one it disconnect from there end . Driving me mad. Great game but since the update I am having many issues with battles .


I wish it was , no after 300 seconds they deal damage but dont get any and then the 300 seconds start again!


Huh, the AI mostly quits on me when it knows I’ve won


Hey Chris_Van_Der_Voet, I’m sorry to hear that happened and I understand how frustrating it is when that happens. Our team is aware of an issue in the Strike Towers of AI being “stuck” and not responding, however, they’re actively investigating to try and find a fix for it.


@Annmarie_Bodimeade, I know that having connection problems especially in mid-battle can be really annoying, and I’m sorry that you are having this problem. There are some troubleshooting steps on this thread here that could help: Lost a battle I was winning
If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, feel free to email our team here at with your support key included in the email.


One i found wrong is when i move from my home wifi to outside it will find gms network but the game won,t reload. I have to quit it in the apps and restart before it will work again

Issues with disconnect during a battle