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Problem with buying sage fruit & action rush

My progress on Crisis: Bright Might is 75% right now.
I started to fight on wave 1/3 and I bought Action Rush 1 pack of 3.
The payment went smoothly through but I didn’t got any Action Rush.
When I attempted to try to buy them one more time I even wasn’t able
to get to the payment. I just came back to the game.

Then I tried to buy sage fruit and for the first try it worked but when I tried
one more time same thing like with Action Rush happen.

I turned off my phone and turned again and when I got into Crisis I saw
sage fruit I bought as a second try and no Action Rush.

So I lost $1.99 for Action Rush I didn’t get at all and I didn’t get sage fruit
during the battle which made me lost the whole 3 waves battle.

Can you please fix it quick?

Hey agulus, could you contact our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to try and assist you with this.