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Problem with daily missions

@Keith I complete the daily missions I don’t receive the pack here is a picture showing the problem any help would be appreciated

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The same happened to me, there was no pack of cards after finishing the daily missions

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We are aware of the issue and working on a fix but it won’t be ready until the earliest late next week.
Apologies at this time you can write to support as we investigate and see how many people are affected.
Thank you


I’m affected by this now too.

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Do we need to log a ticket?

Yes. This helps with their tracking of the issue. Additionally many/most/all affected players that have submitted tickets have received 5 Daily Missions Packs as compensation

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Same thing is happening to me

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Same here, no packs for a few days now

Just watched TheGamingBeavers new video and he has his back currently but I don’t even have mine. Not too sure what is going on now. I went and checked my game after seeing that and nothing. No updates either.

I was told it would probably be fixed by the end of next week

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I haven’t been getting those for well over a week. Why does it take so long to fix? It won’t be enough to just give us a number of packs. How about boss dna missions that require opening packs and all other stuff? What if we’re forced to buy packs to complete those, or is it what you wanted?