Problem with lost account

Hi im a player of jurassic world the game. I lost my account and I was playing in invited mode so I am not sure if i can obtain all my progress again my data was erased when I actualized the game. So can you solve it

You have to contact support and you need two support keys. Your actual support key and the original support key before your data vanished. If you have them both you can ask Ludia support to transfer data from your old support key to your knew support key.
You can still contact them if you do not have them but in this case your chances are slim.


Thank you I have the actual code but not the other, but I have a photo of my lost account and I can give a description of how it was does that help? Please I really want to recover ir.

Hey Leonardo_Sologuren, if you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at Our team will try their best to help you recover your account.