Problem with park animals


Today is supposed to be pryaraptor but I only got 2 before it said all full & the trex was also out at the same time? I did not get enough DNA of the new raptor to complete it. :frowning: because of game error. Any one else have this problem


This week the events are all 2 days. Pyro and trex, use your attempts as you want. They cycle through at park points. You just have to wait it out.


Both Epics share their tries, as mentioned in the Changelog and everywhere else in this Forum.

So I guess you did 4x T-Rex and 2x Pyroraptor … and then it said finished, because you used all your 6x tries. Working like intended. And it’s no new Raptor, it spawns all the time for me.



I guess not in my area for the span… but I just read out the change in events that I some how missed. Thanks for the reply.


Damn update had me fooled on Monday haha