Problem with sauropod incubator

I’ve made with my friend the sauropod incubator, and when we’ve already done, we’ve received ouranosaurus. WHAT’S THIS??? WHY WE DON’T HAVE RECEIVED DIPLODOCUS OR BRACHIOSAURUS DNA??? PLEASE LUDIA FIX IT!

Hey Javier_Torada, I’m not really sure which Incubator you might have opened. However, if it was the last Incubator reward for completing the “A Good Defense” Strike Tower, the creatures DNA you can get within that Incubator is random and is for “Mighty Foes” and won’t guarantee Sauropods only DNA. I hope that cleared things up. If you’re still having any other issues, our team would be happy to assist you as well if you emailed them here at with your support key.

Here is the “a good defense” tower done