Problem with Skylar

So I keep getting notifications that Skylar is saying hey to me but everytime I click on his profile, it tells me he is offline and his face gets greyed out but it still says I can pay the 120 gems down the bottom too. If I restart app, he shows in my available characters again but if I click on his profile then it does the same again.
I have updated my phone, messaged Ludia for support. I have read other forums that seem to suggest that I’m not at the part where Skylar goes offline. I only just finished the video call where I get the info for Mrs Price from the informant and hide it under the bin. I have seen others have had the issue months ago!?

Also most of my other characters have not talked to me for like 2 days. And my progress bar for one of them has filled up without them actually giving me an interest and progressing to next stage :sob::sob: why is it being so broken for me


Hello Carebear_p! Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. It can sometimes take a few business days for our team to respond to your email depending on ticket volume.

Yeah I feel a glitch I messaged them too but nothing yet. He’s been offline for a long while and keep getting notifications of him saying hey and online but when look Hes offline too. I’m glad not only one having issue. I’ve gotten told to update app which already have and still get occasionally with him and few others.

Hey, I had the same issue, but I emailed them and now it has been fixed and I finished Skylar’s available route. Though it took a good two weeks or so for it to be sorted, so I’d advise you to contact them through

Yeah I have the same problem with this men I hope your problem was solved :wink:

Saw a post about this already but my app is now having the same issue where Skylar is greyed out, he keeps saying hey, but I can’t see the message and when I try to spend gems to get him to come online he goes back to being greyed out. I’ve tried troubleshooting it but nothing is working. Any help would be appreciated!

I’m not where his route has paused yet, I’ve just reached where I put the secret information under the dumpster for reference.

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Hello Lauren_Ghosterton. If you haven’t already, would you mind messaging our support team at with your support key included? This will allow them to take a closer look.


Hey Lauren,

It will fix itself for you, just have to deal with it for a couple of weeks and then it eventually works!