Problem with Too Many Base Component Creatures

I went though all the creatures and counted 129 base none hybrid creatures.

Most these are ones you can find on the map to dart.
Many are divided among the 4 zones.
Another percentage are event or incubator only.
With the quantity of creatures, the chance of finding any particular one, especially some rares and epics is getting farther and fewer between.

What I am seeing compared to the older days is you don’t see as many of the same ones as you use to. So for new players, growing any one hybrid and super hybrid is going to take much longer than it use to. I am already finding that trying to keep up with and grow new creatures to team level 20 is taking much longer as it is harder to find what you need.

This is the point where creature tracking would be a nice add to the game to help find specific creatures. Tracking would bring up a window that shows a list of all the creatures within a certain range, say 600 meter radius. It can filter common, rare and epic creatures. You select the one you are looking for and it gives you a general direction and you go off looking for it.

An old Everquest game added tracking to their ranger and druid characters and I played for hours tracking and taking down certain creatures back in early 2000’s. This kind of ability would be a great plus to this game for us exploration type players.


i love the idea, but being realistic with ludia… they won’t do that, they want money. for all I know they could care less about the kinds of things that players want.

if they want money, then they should do this cuz people will leave

they really should, I’m to the point of wanting to quit since things are really hard. I just got to level 14 and have like 7 legendary hybrids, most of which are level 17. none of my other creatures are over level 15 and somehow have like 70 quetzorion DNA. I don’t have VIP and everything I have in-game is from grinding. I have never spent any money on games like this and I don’t want to start. but if ludia were to make a couple of changes/additions to the game (such as the one @Oriondestiny stated) I could be willing to spend some money on the game.

raids are starting to be my way of getting dna for hybrids, seriously. it that bad

yeah, for me its not dna thats a big issue. its the coin… i need 20000 just to level up my legendaries to complete a campaign battle and to be able to stop dropping 30-200 trophies. my creatures are too low level to face if against level 18-20 or higher even, i have faced a team of all uniques in sorna marshes… never before have i felt so far behind.

rn coin isnt a problem for me cuz i get like 70,000 a week. you gt about 20,000 from rare and 30,000 from epic. it starts to become a problem after like level 24 tho cuz it takes over a week to get it leveld. campaign is annoying, i got indy to level 24 and the next level was to get 4 level 24’s

yeah, i understand that. but i dont have enough creatures at a high enough level to beat the epic trials, i have only beat 1 and i had to spend 200 bucks to try again. they should add something where you can get coin in an easier way. like it could be cool if they added a feature where you can collect coin from sanctuaries (if your own), and the amount of coin you get depends on how mych people use your sanctuary. and with the leveling of the sanctuaries you should get coin for that too. it could start low at like level 1 you get 100 coin or so and it just gets higher and by like level 10 you could get like 10,000 coin? and maybe that would be a bit much but its not that easy to get a sanctuary to level 10.

ah ok, i see. it is hard to get coin at a lower level, they should have a dna/coin trade

maybe, that could be another thing they could do. adding trades kinda like JWTG could be good and maybe be bad at the same time. the higher the level you are the better trades you would get which sucks for lower levels like me. and what i mean by that is the higher level you are the more extra dna you have that can be traded for coin.

ah yes, but i personally think that we have less dna as a high level. we have more stacked up cuz we unqiues require so much dna. I recomend darting everything that has a unqiue or legendary hybrid or something you would use even for tourneys every time you see it. it is a very good habit for this game cuz your level 14 right. You can still get like 24 per hit means you can get like 280 or something, not much less than 20’s. Start darting now, you’ll regret no later. i do now cuz i’m running out of stuff like irritator g2, never thought i would see that day.

lol, yeah. i already am i have a stockpile of dna, except for exclusive creatures. part of why i desperately need coin… :weary: :sob: