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Problem with trophy count

I started paying attention more closely after all the battle issues that the game is having, winning/losing mid battle, or randomly losing a battle when you are darting a dinosaur. I was happy to see that the trophy count corrects itself when this occurs.
I did feel like my trophy count seemed to be a bit off but didn’t put my finger on it until just now.

I was in a battle and I automatically won before the battle was finished. I saw my trophy count rise then return to what it was before the battle 4006. I entered another battle and I won and my trophy count remained at 4006.
I know that this must be happened to everyone else. Please start to take note of your trophy count bc I suspect there are some issues. I’m going to start writing it down so I can report it. Honestly a game shouldn’t be this much work.


I’ve won a battle before it was over and I didn’t get the trophies (and I would probably have won the battle anyway)… And recently I’ve lost a battle in the middle of it and my trophies really went down… It’s sad to say but I’ve got used to sh…stuff like these in this game…

It’s gotten worse to me and I know it’s not just my account. I hope more people can be aware of this so that it can get fixed. I suspect there are more issues with the trophy count than just that. Going to have to start keeping track to pinpoint it.

Today I suspected just this, the trophy count staying the same even after I won. But wasn’t sure about it.

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I started writing down my score and yes there are some glitches.

L-(battle glitch automatic loss) 4063
Corrected it automatically back to 4095
(Then it randomly dropped down to 4086)

I’m going to keep documenting this but yes we ARE losing trophy’s. This is BS

Thanks for letting us know @Kat_von_Hacke. When you’re going up against an AI, you don’t lose or gain trophies which could explain this. However, our team would be happy to investigate further into this if you reached out to them here at with your support key and with the information you had gathered.

My Trophy count is 4534 but what everyone else sees is 4077
What is that all about