Problema juego

help in the game

Hello, I have been expelled from the game for cheating (I do not know what trap I could do because this game was played with my 6 year old son), but the truth is that I was more than a month in level 10 because my progress was very slow since he did not have coins or bills. the only thing we did is update the game and it was blocked.

I ask you to accept me again in the game, not for me but for my son.

to see if they can contact me and re-readmit me.

Greetings and thank you

How were you cheating? How do you know you were banned?

I updated the game and they blocked me temporary expulsion,

Traps I did not do because I did not have coins or money and it took me a while to get coins to evolve a dinosaur for a week. what he does is play a lot

I’m sorry to hear that happened @MK_Cardenas_Alvarez. Sadly, we can’t look into your game account on our end, but our support team would be glad to take a look for you and see what might have happened. Could you email our team here at along with the support key of your game included in the email?