Problems and How to Fix Them


Supply Drops:
-Getting Darts when you have 140 or more
(If you have max darts, you should only be able to get coins)
-Not being able to get anything good for dinosaurs/level up some
(You should be able to get DNA is the supply drops)

Spawns (Dinosaurs to increase):

Battle Buffs/Debuffs:
-Lower Attack Slightly
-Get rid of the -50% damage so the raptors can be killed after doing large amount of damage
-Iguanadon (give it more health)
-Sacrosuchus/Purrasaurus GEN 2 (give it an attack to do more than 1x damage)
-Suchotator (give an attack to do more than 1x damage)

-Give facts about the dinosaurs/ proofreader some of them
-Give origin of GEN 2s (I’ll be coming up with something on that soon)
-Should be able to sell DNA for coins/ buy DNA with said coins
-Be able to battle friends
-Have 2 leader boards, one for region/city and one for world
-Have dinosaurs NOT from the series that people don’t know about