Problems collecting rewards by links in facebook

I think it was like this yesterday also. Possibly after the update? @Keith or anybody?


Same, I get the reward but it does not then go into the typical screens you would see when logging into the game.


Ive been getting the same code when i collect them from Twitter aswell.
Pretty sure im getting the reward, but havent payed close enough attention to be 100% sure


Same here. When I click into Gaming Beavers links, it sends me to the ludí lime green screen. Anyone know a solution?

That’s a browser setting issue. I don’t know what the setting is, but I know it’s related to that. I had the same problem on my son’s account when using Safari, but changing his default browser to Chrome fixed the problem.

That said, both my son and I get the Redirection Failed message after claiming Facebook link rewards

Thanks for the report everyone! I forwarded this to the team.

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