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Problems Galore Latest release and tournament


Wow I was pretty excited about the new update and tournament until it came out. Even paid for tournament before you gave refund because no one was playing
Now I am seriously considering giving up on this game. Whomever is responsible for QA your releases should have been fired.
The amount of bugs in your latest release is astronomical

  1. Kicked out of battles without notice
  2. Look like you get in battles only to see a blank screen
  3. Error messages that pop up after you collect DNA
  4. Just random restarts in the middle of game
  5. After winning a match in tournament staying stuck on screen and needing to restart to collect awards and do a 2nd battle
    I am sure others can add to this list
    This was horribly executed release
    Then of course there is the great mind that requires you to create a different team for the tournament that does not allow you to keep your same team for the other battles for incubators and then splitting up the pool of players where it is almost impossible to get a battle at all.
    At this point just revert ack to the old version and fix your release before rereleasing. You should be ambarrassed.
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Absolutely agree a shocking update I’m experiencing the same problems I’m now so frustrated I’m ready to hit uninstall this update has totally ruined the game for me and I do not find any pleasure in it whatsoever infact my wife has had to stop me from throwing my phone out the window or smashing something due due to the battle problems causing my anger to spiral.