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Problems in Alliance DNA & Chat


I am having difficulty with the alliance window. When I press message, it grays out, rather than allowing me to type anything. Also, although the game prompts me to collect alliance DNA and has continually allowed me to donate, I am no longer to actually accept the DNA that has been given to me.
Any help?


I run into problem with alliance all the time, you probably need to restart the game. I have to start the game, load in, and then immediately restart it.

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Thanks, Chris.
Turn it off and turn it back on again, right?


Yeah I just close and reopen.


I’m sorry you’re having this issue @Tina_C. Our team is aware of this, and they’re actively looking into it. In the meantime, as @Christopher had already pointed out, restarting your game should refresh your Alliance chat and display the information correctly again. Let me know if you’re still having any other issues.