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Problems in Dragons: Rise of Berk

  1. Brawl goes to gauntlet sometimes and uses stamina when it does
  2. Unique Dragon chances and percentage is not shown based on player in exploration and card packs
  3. Common is not stated on dragon egg in exploration
  4. Incorrect grammar in guides
  5. Guides are not up to date or do not show all information
  6. Inorrect information in guides including brawl card pack requirements
  7. Capitalization violations
  8. Videos and offers for rewards say free runes illegally
  9. Light Fury cannot be used without subscription
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The light fury cannot be used without subscription includes feeding and training which are basic content (Exploring and defending I can understand a subscription though)


I’ve been finding the game boring quite lately, since I get the impression that all the features are there in order to push us to pay and/or become a Rider. I’m aware that I’m in the late game and I’ve been there for months, so I don’t really have many things left to do, and I understand that the game is free for every user and it has a team behind working on it in constant updates and bug fixes that, need to be paid, but I find the game is less entertaining now than it was when I started, five years ago. The Riders feature is something I recognise is cool for those who are willing to make monthly (over)payments, but keeping for them a whole tree of dragon searches with the Light fury make me feel discriminated.

Besides, in the late game it turns everything so expensive to be bought with runes… The hangar is a pain already, I don’t even consider upgrading the training grounds, so expensive they are the last spaces.

My recommendation, based on what motivates me playing would be to add more quests. Everytime there are new quests added due to legendary dragons or a maximised top cap lvl, I feel so interested in fulfilling them.

My humble opinion, hope somebody finds it at least interesting : )


If the guide you’re talking about is the fandom wiki, that’s not officially managed by anyone from Ludia. All the data/info there come from contributors, and it’s tedious work, checking each level as you go along and then inputing it, especially when you have to redo a dragon because Ludia increased some stat, as well as adding anything connected to events. I know because I used to be one of them.