Problems in Jurassic World the game, and how it should be

  1. Dilopator, amphibian rare hybrid, should be a tall amphibian because of the Iratator’s DNA in it.
  2. There should be an amphibian common hybrid, not two pterosaur hybrids.
  3. Guanlog, a common carnivore, shouldn’t be a raptor like carnivore, it should be a Dilophosaurus like carnivore.
  4. Carnoraptor NEVER should’ve been mixed with Dimetrodon, making it a Dimetrodon with horns and slimmer. If anything it should’ve been a Carnoraptor with a sail. Overall, the Carnoraptor should’ve been mixed with an Allosaurus or any tryannosaurid like carnivore. I think mixing it with Allosaurus because it would help with the Alloraptor fans, but with Carntaurus DNA, but it’ll do sense Scorpios Rex is made of Deinonychus and Albertosaurus.

But if its tall, where would the diplocaulus part of the hybrid go? Plus if its tall that means it would be a carnivore(which there’s too much of), that means less amphibians in the game… making diplocator tall would also change diplosuchus(which is one of the best amphibian in the game)

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Yes first suggestion on Alloraptor was carnoraptor + Allo SDNA, then Deinonychus + allosaurus gen 2 (one gen 2 which i want with right model)

Sadly Ludia just ignired my suggestions

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They shouldn’t be expected either to implement every suggestion they get. Sure we can give ideas on the Forum but we shouldn’t expect them to be added. If by coincidence Ludia does well and good, if not then nothing we can do about it.


Are you trying to say that it should be big as sarco or an irritator with diplocaulus head.

I’m not expecting a common creature to come as the last land super rare,rare,legendary and common creatures came 5 years ago.

I dont think ludia will give it a different animation now as it was released long time ago.

I think the dimetrodon one makes me feel like it’s an evil version of unicorn wizard/dimetrodon.

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1.I don’t mind Diplotator’s design, he looks cute the way he is

  1. I agree with you, but Diplotator and Laby have two good hybrids already, Limnocelis is quite weak to be honest

  2. It does look remarkably like a Dilophosaurus

  3. Dimetrocarnus looks cool the way it is, at least it isn’t a copy pasted hybrid from JWA

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What I mean by tall is like the karposuchus, a tall amphibian. The dilplosuchus DNA is still it in because it still an amphibian with the weird head crest like thing that comes out the side of it’s head.
Also, with the super hybrid of Dilopator will still be the same because of the sarco DNA.