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Problems in the Creature Market

So there was a sale on dino’s for a few hours. Having a very limited amount of DNA available in my account, I thought I should take advantage of the sale and buy some. But then the following things came up as big hurdles:

  1. As soon as you buy a dino, it goes straight to the hatchery. What if I don’t want to hatch it right now? This doesn’t really make sense.

It wasted a huge amount of my time in the hatchery. There were not even any ads available to watch to shave off some waiting time.

  1. You can’t even buy the same dino twice. Only if you have the same dino in the hatchery already, then you can buy just one more of it. Why is that a thing?

Considering the sale was good for only a very short amount of time, I was only able to buy a couple of dinosaurs because of the hatchery time wastage, and then the sale ended. Kindly, remove these annoyances as it only makes the experience a waste of time and adds frustration. Or at least have the sale run for a longer period so one can actually fulfill their needs.

This is no issue, that is how the game worked from the beginning.

A creature that you buy is automatically placed in the hatchery if there is a free slot and you can only buy a creature that is not already in your market.

When you buy a creature, you should have the power to choose what to do with it as you see fit. On top of that, only being allowed to buy one of a type at a time adds up more to it. It’s a huge problem specially for newcomers to the game who are trying to level up and move forward in the game.

Yes, it is uncomfortable. But I’m sure that it is better to accept it, they will never change it.

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As @Tommi has said the market and hatchery has always operated this way. Now that you know how it operates, if you want to maximize the discount window you can put a plan in place.

For instance I save a large part of my DNA for the discount on Thursday, I make sure I have my first hatchery chamber filled and then I clear how ever many additional chambers I plan on purchasing creatures for. Today I purchased 2, one Metriaphodon and one Gorgosuchus. Other times I want to purchase more than four of something I might not clear the first hatchery and speed up multiple copies of something. This would typically only be for Super Rare or lower creatures.

But again now that you know you can create your own plan for next week.

Well the real question is if people actually want this to be addressed or not. It’s wrong if nobody raised a concern before. As I said this is a one of the big problems for newcomers. For old players, I guess this is not much of a problem. There is only one hatchery available for us to work with. On top of that barely any ads to watch. On top of that barely any time allowed in the sale to work. So from a newcomer’s POV, I think this is definitely among the top things that they should address.

Everyone of us was a newcomer at some point in time.
If you listen to @Sionsith advice you will finally manage to live with it.

I don’t remember only having only one hatchery available based on park level. It has been a long time since I was an early game player but I thought all four Hatcheries were available to all park levels?

No, there aren’t any available for free other than the first one. If you want to use more than one, you need to spend green bucks.

It’s only 10 bucks for second, 25 bucks for third and 50 bucks for fourth chamber. It’s not a big deal…

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That almost never changes. Once in a great while, Ludia MAY discount or extend hatcheries, but you can’t count on them. What level are you?

@Sionsith, I can confirm, at least as of three weeks ago, that all hatcheries are available to beginning players at the standard prices.

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They are always available.

I now realize why certain things haven’t been fixed or changed. Ludia isn’t to be blamed here at all. Long time players go out of their way to defend certain things done by the company for unknown reasons just because they are comfortable themselves(most likely they are VIP’s too), and completely disregard the problems a newcomer faces. Not a single word of support from anyone, instead seems like people want to suppress the voice as much as possible. All I’m seeing is, “It’s always been like this” and “It’s not a big deal”. Green bucks, the most scarce resource in the game, and it’s not a big deal? Sure mates, good for you then. I didn’t post this in General Discussion. I’m posting in the Help and Support section and I’m directly addressing Ludia. And I’ll continue to bring up things that I don’t feel are right and need to be changed.

Other than the hatchery and maybe some PVP grinding, what do you need Dinobucks for? Don’t put Commons or Rares in hatcheries other than the first one. Don’t put Super-rares or higher in the first one at this stage of the game. As long as you play smart, there are always opportunities for resources. One thing you’ve got to be mindful of, as a freemium game Ludia uses resource scarcity, along with the monotony of the grind, to drive real money purchases. As most of us active on the forum can attest, with patience and practice, all levels of the game can be accessed with little to no real money investment.

Edit: and in case you think I’ve forgotten what it’s like as beginning player, three weeks ago, I started a new game and have already brought it up to level 40.


it’s not about being a vip or not, it’s all about supply management, for example, in my incubators there are 4 tupuxuara that will take a week to incubate. I don’t intend to speed up anything, because I know that in a week it will be free.