Problems/observations from 2.14 update

None of these are bugs, so I will start this problem/observations noticing for 2.14 here.

  1. I can’t see my boost counts. In the past I could see my totals by clicking on any creature and touching attack or health or speed. Now I only see icons,
  2. The watch for 25 darts icon, is very annoying. Considering how easy it is to get darts, I am not sure that is useful.
  3. Phorurex lost all swap in damage as well as it’s swap in lockdown ability. It is still slightly better than Phorusaura health and damage stats, but it looks like Phorusaura beats it head to head in a battle because it is faster and it has a better sidestep. So this looks like an over nerf. Rest in small tiny pieces.

I couldn’t see my boost counts at first but realised they are now at top of screen when you click on the boost section of the dino


Oh I see. After clicking on any of the icons, all three of the totals show up. It just blended in for me, because there was three totals above with darts, coins, and green cash,

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With 194k darts left this is gonna bug me to the extent that I will dread opening the game. And the one for 3 cash keeps coming back as well.

So did I miss something or was Mortem now supposed to be immune to stun?

Yea they said it would be removed

We received only the attack refund token isn’t it? No speed or hp token, just to be sure it’s not a bug or something

Yes, only the attack token

Hopefully it’s true cus I’m loving Morty right now and this makes it even better if true

I am aware I was just pointing out that the nerf makes the legendary component better head to head against the unique, which makes it an over nerf. The legendary has a swap in stun as well for extra versatility.

Hihi, i was wondering how i could see my total boost that i’m not’using in top of my screen when i’m in my collection. I saw many ppl with that possibility. Thanks.