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Problems training a 2 star dragon to 3 star

The dragon is the red driftcleaver ( I think that’s his name) Hi, I’m having issues training my dragon from 2 star to 3 star. He is at max and I believe I have enough scales but it’s telling me I don’t have the right Dragons. I’m so confused please help. Thank you. Another concern of mine was I purchased runes to purchase dragons and your out put of at least a couple 4 star dragons would be nice. I got 2 and 3 star dragons that made me very discouraged to spend here again. I do really like the game and I love the dragons.

Thank you for Your attention in this matter.

You need a duplicate driftcleaver

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@PnkIndiKa About the runes… Using them for drafts is a gamble. So, I highly advice you not to pay for drafts. You can earn and collect runes for drafts from the game itself. So, next time you buy runes, use them for energy or restart on special events, for scales, coins, fish. The short of stuff that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying to get. Otherwise, you’re losing on real money.

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