Problems Upgrading Dragons!

I just wrote about this issue in Facebook but I think this is a more formal way.
There are problems at the time of Upgrading Dragons I consume fish and runes and the level it’s always the same!
At least this happens several times with my Sky Pirate Dragon.

That’s not a bug.

You have reached MAX level.

But, your Ability is only 8/10.

So, you can continue to feed with a chance of increasing the Ability.

Ludia should probably do something to make this less ambiguous.


So there’s still a chance to increase the Ability but that’s not something guaranteed?

My recommendation to you is to stop throwing dragons at that 3-star and focus on leveling up other dragons.

Eventually you will get duplicate Sky-Pirates which give 25% ability boost. So, save up 3 duplicates along with a few 2-star for a 100% ability boost.

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Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
This was quite frustrating for me this past two days.