Problems with Albertocevia

Well I can understand the damage output because it’s Alberto parent.


If Albertocevia lost its swap in, it would make it balanced I guess. I mainly use it for RK’ing an opponent. Rarely do I ever swap in with it, only if I’m in dire need to do so.


Yes I know as lots of top players are dropping it
I’d say it still probably is low tyrant through
The other two are definite high tyrants

I think Imperatosuchus is stronger but it’s definitely the strongest unique in the game


I cant decide which is more broken between the 3k swap in that heals even a bit or the 6700 instant attack that even not on revenge albertocev can either 1 shot the opponent with a 6k rampage or distract them and then use instant big hit

Cant wait for the championship to end and everyone smart enough start flooding aviary with this thing

I didn’t see this thread

  • No buff
  • Big Nerf
  • Medium Nerf
  • Small Nerf
  • Nothing

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Anyways actual poll

  • Small nerf
  • Big nerf
  • Small buff which it does not need
  • Big buff even worse
  • NNN or buff

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Made literal entire thread about how Albertoceiva is OP.

Error the most broken single creature in the game was Phorurex, nowadays the most broken creature in the game is Refrenantem, and it is true Albertocevia works very well in the best arena in the game, but not in the Aviary or in the Library where it is full of cunning, they dominate it very well, that’s why it’s fine as it is, it should even have more ferocious moves if that’s how Ludia classifies it, since also many armored creatures easily counter it in the arenas you just named recently.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any problem there, I have Albertocevia at level 25, and there are so many tricks that it’s not that good for those arenas, not to mention that most people can’t super power it because they don’t have to buy increases, the real problem in Aviary and Library is Refrenantem.

Why should albertocevia get a buff? Thing absolutely demolishes practically anything that isn’t faster than it (long as it has very strong moves and high damage) if anything it needs a nerf

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I mean literally look at it before it demolished my team lol

Unboosted and destroyed one of my strongest creatures
(Woolly rhino is far from my strongest creature)

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Albertocevia, definitely need a nerf. It is the OP creature in whole game, and it can even takedown all apex creatures (except Ref).


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I already made a poll

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