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Problems with closing of App


Hello, when I close the app, it does not close. So I get always error messages from my Smartphone that the app is not reaction.
I am using a Galaxy S9 with Android 8.0.0 with the latest Security Patch.
This does happen with every try to close the app the normal way.
Do you maybe have an idea how to solve this issue?
I already did an reinstall and even switched the phone.

best regards


Hey Walt_Stone, I’m not really sure what the issue might be, but could you try rebooting your device and see if you’re still getting this error when closing the game? If you have any more information, our team might be able to investigate further and see what the issue could be if you emailed them here at


Hi @Walt_Stone
It is normal, it isnt smartphone but this game because I have Xiamo Redmi note 5 and I have similar problem