Problems with crashing

Is anyone else having issues after the update? I either get stuck at 16 or once I finally get in, the game immediately crashes. I’ve restarted my iPhone twice to no avail.


Exact same here! I was one of the unlucky ones locked out for a week a few updates ago. If this is going to be the same situation I’m afraid it’ll be time to quit!


Still happening. Crashes on any number now. If it does start, it crashes immediately.

Finally made it past the loading screen only for it to crash on the map!

Same thing is happening to me and my brother

I can’t get past the loading screen, the dna circle freezes

Still crashing

Hey all, the team has been made aware of the crashing issues.

Thank you for the reports! It is under investigation :male_detective:

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I can’t even stay logged in more than 10 seconds it seems. Had I not just started my alliance over pulling people from everywhere I’d just quit the game. I’m so over this lack of good product. The game is great. The game looks amazing and aside from flocks it’s pretty fun. The issue is the bugs the lag the crashes. I don’t care for boost refund or any of that stuff. Just fix the lag so the game plays. I haven’t even seen what’s in this update because I can’t stay in game.

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Hey all, please write to support at for assistance with this issue!


I did, thanks.

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They told me to uninstall and reinstall. So far it has worked. It always makes me nervous - I always take a screenshot of my support key before doing it

I am doing the same as a basic troubleshooting step but it’s a large file I’ll wait for WiFi at home.

Im unable to even enter the game. I have good internet and all but the game CONTINUOUSLY keeps kicking me out and/or freezing

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Hey Jurassic_world1. If you haven’t already, please consider reaching out to our team by email at for direct assistance. You can include your device information if possible. Thank you!

I can’t get the game to load since the new update. It gets to 21/30 and freezes. I’m using an iPhone and I’ve tried to load the game on and off WiFi I’m irritated!!

Hi @Nicole_Keller, If you are not on a guest account an uninstall/reinstall should fix it. If you are on a guest account or the uninstall/reinstall doesn’t work, please send this info to with your support key.

Thank you!

Can you tell what the heck is happening with PvP and tournaments?

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Hi @Claude, unfortunately I do not have any info on this at this time. :melting_face:

It’s not just you. It’s happening to me and others I know.

I try to do an arena match. The timer starts and goes away and comes back. Over and over. It never finds a match. It never lets you have the option to fight a.i. either.