Problems with crashing

Deleted and then reinstalled the game. Seems to be working just fine now

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Did you happen to get this fixed? I just started having this problem on my iPhone 13 pro

Hi, my game currently won’t load? I’m stuck at ,30/31 and then it keeps saying loading?

Any, advice please?

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hey, I have the same problem it loads up to 30 and I don’t want to play the game

for at least 4.5 hours

Same stuck at 30/31 won’t load

Hi all. For those still experiencing crashing issues, please contact our team at so they can do their best to look into it further. You can include your support key/device info if possible. Thanks!

Minimize after you load it to 30/31 and it reload from 1/31 and you should be able to get into the game

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Troubleshoot when you had it load to 31 minimize your game and it will reload and you get into the game :blush: