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Problems with Darting, Battle Timeouts, Battle Matching, Battle Incubators, and Battle Results

I’ll stay off my soapbox about the recent changes – but here are some actual problems I’ve been experiencing all day (Tuesday 30 Apr 2019). I am playing on an iPhone 6S running iOS 12.1.4 – no changes to the phone since before the latest JWA update.

  1. Darting Failures: Five times in the past six hours, darting a dino has broken badly. Everything will be normal until the drone battery runs down, at which point the system displays the message, “Your match has timed out. Please try again.” and does not give me any DNA. I don’t remember the dino from the 1st glitch, but the last 4 times involved Ankylosaurus Gen 2; in two cases there were two dinos close to each other, but each of the 3 other glitches involved a single dino with nothing else nearby.

  2. Drone Control: The drone response in the latest update is AWFUL. I could easily get 7-9 shots in on most creatures, but since this “update” was posted I’m lucky to get 6 shots. It’s like the drone is wallowing through mud with a loose steering linkage and indecisive pilot. Please put back the drone behavior we’ve had until now.

  3. Battle timeouts: For every battle I’ve fought today, there have been at least four timeouts (I kept track with an old fashioned “gate count” on a piece of paper). Before the new “update” was posted, I saw a timeout maybe once a week.

  4. Battle Incubators: After much hard work (see #5 below), I won a match – and did NOT have a new incubator appear in either of the 2 open incubator slots on the screen. I eventually just tried for another match (which finally happened after 2 timeouts), and after losing that match badly I found that the missing incubator from the previous battle had magically appeared. We need to see the incubators we’ve won when we win them and NOT after further battles have been fought.

  5. Battle matches: These were often questionable before, but today they have been a total disaster. I had one battle that was an absolute cakewalk because I was fielding dinos that were uniformly 2-5 levels above anything my opponent could field – I like winning, but in this case I felt positively dirty; I actually tried to swap down to a lower-powered dino at one point to give the other player a chance, but might’ve won even if I just let the system auto-pick my least powerful attack for each turn. Aside from that, I have been encountering dinos that are augmented to 3 or more levels higher than the number of the level they’re listed as being – in EVERY battle. If your algorithms are matching by level number and not actual dino strength, they need to be rewritten, because the matches are becoming almost completely unfair. (I have no problem with having to “punch up” and losing, even 2 out of 3 battles, but when a single level 16 hybrid takes down three other dinos all at level 17 or above – including a level 20 Allosaur – without taking a single hit there IS a problem.)

  6. Battle Results: Every battle I’ve lost (which are a much higher pecentage than before, see #5 above) has cost me anywhere from 14 to 27 trophies… but every battle I’ve won has given me single-digit gains. Please don’t turn JWA into Anthem or Fallout 6…


iPhone 6 just keeps crashing. The spinning stops seems fast and dino show up on screen fast after tapping on it. However when drone shows up prior to darting it freezes and crashes app probably 80 % of the time. Forget driving in car with it, just crashes steady with out even touching the screen. Not to mention when I do get to dart it is a mess now.

Wait? Maintenance is over!?

For iPhone. Not android. But it is not working as well as it was before for iPhone either. No idea why they don’t just revert back to 1.6 and try 1.7 when they have it working right. Been down for 12 hours now…

On the positive side at least I got some stuff done around the house today.

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Hi I love playing this game but since the upgrade every time I’ve been playing a battle half way through the game it just goes to match has timed out it’s so frustrating plus I am not going to have any battle incubators the way this is going please fix this glitch, I am using iPhone XR running iOS 12.2 which I was running before the update & worked fine, help please x

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OMG thank you for your input, I’m having so many issues with the game too. not happy with the 1.7.


I have been trying to fight, but almost always goes to timeout, and then when i fight, i lose 30 something points and gain 1 point. 1 point. And sometimes when i lose is because the game chrases. Not very inviting this system/update.


I have been trying to fight, but almost always goes to timeout, and then when i fight, i lose 30 something points and gain 1 point. 1 point. And sometimes when i lose is because the game crashes. Not very inviting this system/update.

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I got the new update as of yesterday. I was as excited just like everyone else…new dinosaurs, new abilities, new moves…and so forth. However when I started to play with the new update there were a few thing that did not work for me and still is not working.

  1. I cannot do a battle!! as it keeps timing out
  2. When during the darts to collect DNA, there is something weird happens when it about to hit the dinosaur…it almost like it have a curve to it.
  3. I had completed my daily challenge but when time comes to collected my Epic DNA from the daily challenge, my game would freeze. I still have not been able to collect and it’s a new day now and I have a new set of daily challenge that need to be completed for me to collect?..

As of right now, I wish the old version was still here, cause it work great!!!

Ludia- I hope you are all working on getting all these bug fix…it causing me not to play the game cause of all the issue I am facing.


Bug #1

Bug Description: Battle matchmaking is glitchy/doesn’t always say it’s connected you even when it has/after exiting to the map screen, will tell you that the match timed out. I randomly received an incubator for what I assume to be winning one of the matches I couldn’t participate in.

Area is was found in: Battle Arena (Sorna Marshes)

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Try to start a battle

How often does it happen: Every time in my experience. Others mention it happening only a majority of the time

What type of device are you using: Apple iPhone

Bug #2

Bug Description: Game freezes and requires restart after

Area is was found in: Daily Missions Screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Finish all daily missions
Step 2 - Try to collect reward
Step 3 - Game freezes

How often does it happen: Started today after the update. Happens consistently

What type of device are you using: Apple iPhone

Bug #3

Bug Description: “Flashing” effect overlays if tapping multiple times in order to collect collectibles (coins, DNA, etc)

Area is was found in: Map Screen/Opening Incubators Anywhere

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Open incubator/collect collectible
Step 2 - Tap the screen multiple times
Step 3 - Item being collected is no longer visible due to brightness

How often does it happen: Happens any time you don’t let the flash effect clear before pressing the screen again

What type of device are you using: Apple iPhone


If I may add to this, darting is an issue too. Terrible lag time from time of touching dart to dragging to dart the creature. If you’re going after a speedy dino, it’s almost impossible to acquire a decent amount of dna. I’m finding I’m losing anywhere from 30-40 dna per dino. But what you said is everything that is happening to me also.


Also experiencing these issues on my iPhone, plus more app closing instances

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I am having the same problems as well as on my team message screen it will also jump from top of message board to bottom of message board. Or vise versa. The lag time is terrible on the drone and using the darts as well.

I am also having problems with battles (at Jurassic Ruins) in my Android. It takes me like 10 attempts to find an opponent, and when I finally find one, I get disconnected from the battle after my first move. I’ve already lost two daily challenges and several trofies because of this. Additionally, I have only been able to win two incubators since the update. I also agree that the drone doesn’t respond properly while darting. Please fix these issues, I feel that I’ve lost some much since the update

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To further the OP notes with my perspective:

I can understand unbalanced matchups due to reduced number of users and hard rules on wait time for the initial matching (not good but understandable and should be addressed, but something i can swallow for a short period of time) but these other things are just horribad UX:

  1. Battle Time outs - confirm - 3 out 4 are time outs for me. Not only that but apparently these timeouts glitch into the 1 out of 4 that is a real battle and i get disconnected and have to kill and re-start the app for me to get back to the fight, where I have obviously already lost at least 1 more dino and thus the fight eventually.

  2. Darting: Whoever PM thought that changing the darting mechanism is a good idea. The only way this goes with the community is if it infinitely and undoubtedly improves everyone’s total avg DNA collected per engagement. In every other case you are basically changing something that works. The golden rule is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This new darting is outraging existing users and I seriously doubt that it is helping new ones. If you wanted to reduce the amount of DNA collected - there are other ways to do it. You have plenty of things to fix and work on in order for you to shoot yourselves in the foot and produce new ones out of thin air. Is there nobody in the dev team that actually plays the game? Because I`m sure if there was, they would tell you how bad this is during the internal testing.

  3. The “flash” when you obtain items from a stop/incubator has been unnecessarily boosted and now when you try to tap through the content quicker you don’t actually see what you got. Annoying. Causes pain where there was none.

  4. When leveling up a dino, before we suffered with long wait times for useless animation gimmicks for supposed better UX and nicer animations - this was fixed after several patches - now you are bringing these back with the slow visualization of stats loading - fix it. Causing pain where there was none (and was fixed before from the same issue)

  5. The new dino stops come at the expense of the weekly event and I have been able to encounter probably 2-3 times less weekly event spinning stops on my usual route.

  6. I don’t know exactly what you did to the spawn rates and mechanics but where I would usually get 4-5 dinos at any given point in time in my visible range, now I have 1-2. And the prevalence of the daily common dinos is too big.

Finally, after all of that I wanted to say that 2 things from 1.7 I really appreciate and have high hopes for:

  1. The boosters - will likely need some tweaking but this has been a concept I had long imagined and thought was needed and your solution seems to fit my expectations to ‘break it up’ a little bit because we were getting very stale and mirrored fights where it got very boring and it also depended on who clicks faster.

  2. The new upcoming tournament is something i have very high hopes for and have thought about how can it be done and you have done what I envisioned and even furthered by limiting it onlyto Epics and no hybrids. Looking forward to playing to see if it works as intended in reality.


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Thanks for sharing this with us, @Briansl.

Our team is aware of some of the issues with the new update, and they’re still actively working to address them as quickly as possible. However, I am sorry to see that they’re happening so frequently as I can understand that the “battle timed out” issue is really frustrating at the moment.

Regarding the changes to the Drone control, our team is aware that there will be a need for an adjustment period to get used to the new control sensitivity, but our team is happy to hear all the feedback so far, as it will help them create a better experience for our players. More information on the changes to the matchmaking in battle can be found in our thread here: Jurassic World Alive | Android Delay and Known Issues With 1.7

As always, we still welcome your feedback on it as well.

I have the Apple IPhone XR running 12.2 yet if I do manage to get my games started they nearly all just stop working with both dinosaurs just standing swaying & nothing I do will make it work so I have to completely get rid of the game then restart it to find out if I have won or lost & a lot of people in our group are unable to battle one another as well but for me it’s just trying to battle to get my incubators please fix all these glitches. Thank you

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Is your team aware with any issue with battling the AI since the update. I no longer receive the option to battle it. Counts down from 30. When it gets to 0 the AI option doesn’t come up and it starts counting down again.

Hey Dinocop, the AI is enabled for regular Arena battles. If you encounter this issue again, could you try force closing and then restarting your game and see if that helps?