Problems With Dinosaur Market

I am having trouble with the dinosaur market. I recently purchased some dinosaur card packs and I got several legendary dinosaur cards (Giganotosaurus, Segnosaurus, Troodon, etc.). After my Troodon had hatched, I went into the dinosaur market to buy another one with DNA, but it was locked. Same thing happened with my Giganotosaurus. I’ve seen YouTubers buy Troodons and Giganotosauruses with DNA after they’ve unlocked the card, so why can’t I?

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Welcome to the Forum! Did you unlock Troodon via the Tournament not too long ago, or had you just earnt one card through Prize Drop or anything else?

If you unlocked it via Tournament and it is still locked, then email support. But if you got it from Prize Drop, sorry it doesn’t unlock. You will have to compete in Tournaments and finish in Dominator League to earn the unlocks, or finish the Clash of Titans event when it appears.

Hopefully this clears your doubt.

Because you need to play a tournament for Troodon and Giganotosaurua after an update cannot be unlocked. You need to be patient, we will receive an unlock for those

Oh I got them from card packs so I guess that doesn’t unlock them


That is correct.

In fact. Today if you are level 35+ you can unlock Labyrinthodontia. This pack has its name written on and a broken lock. When you will have received the pack, the dino is ready to be purchased in the market.

On another note, you did mention Giganotosaurus. Are you a post-2019 player? If yes, then some Common, Rare, Super Rare and regular Legendary creatures have been removed from Battle Stages.

Some of these have special events. For your convenience I have listed those here.

Common : Labyrinthodontia, Bonitasaura, Utahraptor, Hatzegopteryx
Rare : Carnotaurus, Monolophosaurus, Gallimimus, Rhamphorhynchus
Super Rare : Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Kaprosuchus
Legendary : Ostafrikasaurus, Microposaurus, Dimorphodon, Therizinosaurus

The same Rarity creatures without unlock events as of now (Post Reshuffle) are as follow.

Common : Tuojiangosaurus, Coloborhynchus, Pelecanimimus
Rare : Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Pyroraptor, Nasutoceratops, Tyrannotitan
Super Rare : Rajasaurus, Metriorhynchus, Aerotitan, Supersaurus
Legendary : Suchomimus, Sarcosuchus, Prionosuchus, Dimetrodon, Scaphognathus, Shunosaurus

Shunosaurus and Supersaurus however are unlockable via Bracketed Tournaments depending on your Park level.


You need to keep your eyes peeled for these little locks (or something very similar):

Only events with these “unlock” a creature in the market to be purchased with DNA. Every other pack/reward are one time copies and will not unlock the creature to be purchased with DNA.


What @Sionsith said, and also note that for some events like Lower Brackets of Bracketed Tournaments you get a copy instead of the unlock. As far as I remember, this happened thrice since 2020 : Segnosaurus, Suchodus, and Bananogmius where players below level 60 did not get the unlock (lock symbol isn’t visible for them) while those above 60 got the unlock (lock symbol is there).

If you have Unlocked something, you should be seeing this screen after collecting it…

Cannot understand if you are speaking to me.

No, I was informing that to the OP.

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