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Problems with Facebook account!HELP!

When you log into your Facebook account, the progress of the game from your Google account is not saved, the game starts from the first level on your Facebook account. I cleaned the cache, reinstalled the game, it did not help, please help.Is it possible to transfer game progress from Google to Facebook?

No it isn’t. If you want your progress to be saved you need to use the google account. If you are unable to do so then all I can say is, “Good luck for starting from scratch”

I don’t want to use Google anymore and I need to transfer my progress to my Facebook account, is this not possible?

I dont think it is… @Ronald could you please help him here?

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Welcome to the forums, @User777. What most likely happened is that your Facebook account was previously linked to a different game account. Not to worry, our support team would be glad to help you out! Please send them an email with your support key(the one linked to your Google account) included in the message, as this helps them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!

Thank you,how long will it take for a response?

It usually takes an average of 3 business days before they can get back to you, as messages are responded to in the order they come in. Your patience is appreciated!


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Hello, I wrote to the support mail, 10 days have already passed, I wrote three times there was no response!

Hey User777, I sent you a private message.