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Problems with moves on PvP


Hey. Appart from the already known bugs of disapearing moves to chose or the total option freeze, now I’ve experienced a “cooler” one in PvP! Almost winning my last opponent with my Stegoceratops, I’ve seen myself losing by chosing the greater stunning move TWICE and the game decided it was better to do the standart move…twice… And lost.

Every new pach brings a new “surprise”.

Battle Issues with Actions
Dinosaur attacking bug

Happened to me. Reported it. Completely ignored by support.


Hey KueKas, that sounds really frustrating and it could be caused by an issue with the connection because the AI will take over the match for you when it thinks that you’re disconnected from the game. Take a look at the thread here for more information: [News] Jurassic World Alive | AI in Battle
Also, the troubleshooting steps here might help prevent this from happening again: Lost a battle I was winning
Feel free to contact our support team at with your support key if the issue persists so they can take a closer look.


Recently during matches in the arena I am choosing an attack, the selection is confirmed, but my dinosaur is still just doing the basic attack, just as if I didn’t choose anything. Also the time is running down to zero. As if staying in Arena 8/ getting there weren’t hard enough :frowning:


Game manipulating cheats can be ruled out, can they?


In battle, I will choose one actiob, and it will show that action, but when it actually does an action it changes it from what I chose to a lower damage action.


experienced the same issue just now !! it executed the lowest damage action instead of what I did choose