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Problems with my support code , plz help

Hello, a person had access to my code, can I change the support code of my account? I have a lot of money and time invested. Greetings

Not really sure what you mean by support code.

Normally, the support code is the one that you provide to the game Dev for any issues game related.

If your concern is about someone accessing your account without your knowledge, my suggestion is for you to change your Google Play account password (or your e-mail’s password i.e. the one that you link with your Google Play and your game account).

The support key needed to identify/verify your identity and account. It is very important that no one else sees it.

I would also try to let it changed, best is you reach out to the devs here (maybe you could ask Ned) and they could help you hopefully.

Good luck.


Yeah , someone view my code ._. . thankz for the ibfo dude

Good luck!