Problems with Rory

I’ve messaged support on the app on Sunday - but they said it might take awhile and I got a notification saying that Rory might unmatch with me soon today :tired_face::tired_face:
So I’ve decided to post this here hoping that someone will give me a quicker response
My problem ( will provide screenshot proof - ) :
I cant seem to be able to chat with ’ Rory O’Brien ’
Every time I try to enter a chat with him the game crashes - and his / my last message to him isn’t appearing ( it’s completely white under his name in the chat section - )
I’ve been having this issue for a few days now -

When I get this error, it usually corrects after I disconnect and reconnect from my wireless, but that might be a quirk of my phone.

The only idea that’s coming to mind is that you could unmatch him and then rematch the next time he comes up. The conversation will pick up right where it left off, but I don’t know if it’ll help avoid the glitch.


I’ll try that :purple_heart:
Ty for the advice
( and I did not know that if you rematch with someone the conversation will pick up from last time :flushed: )

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I’m sorry you’re getting this error message, Niki_Shadow. Our team is currently working on a fix for this issue.

However, if you do get unmatched, you’ll be able to resume from where you had left off in the conversation once you rematch with Rory.

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um, so I just rematched with Rory and it still won’t let me chat with him :confounded::confounded:
So uuhhh —

I guess it’ll be fixed with the next update, since it’s supposed to fix this bug

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So another problem I’ve been with Rory is like - I keep getting notifications saying that he’ll unmatch me but I’m not matched with him currently
:confounded: I’m guessing this is some sort of glitch -?

What do you mean not matched with him currently? Because you get that message a lot as a bug even though the character is “away for a while”, if that’s what you meant by not being matched with him currently and that he’s greyed out at the moment. If that’s the case that you’ve matched with him and he’s away for a while and greyed out then don’t worry about the notifications – it’s a bug, but he won’t unmatch with you. In the case you ever get unmatched with someone you can always match with them again later and resume the story where you left off.

I meant as in I’m not matched with Him at all right now - bc of the L1-5 issue I’m unable to talk to Rory so I unmatched with him and am planning on rematching when that issue gets fixed