Problems with the last couple of updates


I meant to post this a couple of days ago, so I’m posting it now. We received a 55 MB update yesterday, so I put my newest comments regarding that update in italics.

Since the last update, there are barely any spawns anywhere I go, NOT EVEN COMMONS! The commons are like rare and epic spawn rate to where you only very rarely see them, and I’m not getting any epics lately. I do get some rares, but not like I used to. They also ALWAYS spawn outside the circle.

Since the 55 MB update yesterday, the common spawns are a little bit better, but it’s still not close to what it used to be and what it should be for commons. I was out for 2.5 hours earlier getting Irritators at parks and never saw a single epic. It’s been at least 10 days since I’ve seen one. I’m pretty sure this problem started after the update before this last 55 MB update.

I have also noticed that I’m not getting radius spawns anymore. I drive for hours with my son and we barely encounter anything at all, whether stationary spawns or spontaneous radius spawns. We live in Jacksonville, Florida which is a huge city and it used to be densely populated with dinosaurs

I have received a very few radius spawns since the latest 55 MB update, but again, it’s just not close to what it used to be before, so it’s very disappointing.

In addition, I’ve noticed that MANY times a spawn will despawn when I get close to it and that rarely to never happened before. Also, if there are two common spawns near each other, if you catch one, the other will despawn.

I have not noticed this problem since the 55 MB update. Maybe, and hopefully, it’s fixed!

There are so many other problems with this latest update as well, such as GPS lagging extremely badly because the "I’m a Passenger Message isn’t being served in a timely manner from their server, so you are frozen in place until you get the message. Then once you tap I’m a Passenger, it takes it a minute to recover and then it isn’t long before it freezes again because it’s not able to serve the message in a timely manner. It’s ridiculous! I know for a fact it’s a problem with their server and not my phone or my phone service. I pay for extremely fast mobile and get 6 GB per month, so I’m not being throttled. Plus, there is the same problem on my other phone and it extremely apparent that it’s the I’m a Passenger message that is the problem.

This problem comes and goes, so I never know if it will be a problem when I go out hunting. Restarting the phone, clearing the JWA game cache, clearing the cache partition, being on WiFi or mobile, none of that effects or fixes the problem and combined with what I said above, I’m fairly certain it’s their server that causes the issue and that it’s not serving the message in a timely manner which causes everything to hold until it does and is acknowledged, then the server is still slow so it takes a minute for it to receive the acknowledgment and allow the game to resume. They really need to work on this. Maybe add a flag so we can report in game problems like this so they are aware and can fix it.

If you are having any of these same problems or other problems, please add your voice there and maybe they will listen.

Spawn Decrease Since Update

Hey there North Floridian! Hello from a South Floridian!


Btw since the migration my area is nothing now except dinosaurs I already have thousands of dna for! Where I live it was never a great area but at least it gave me the opportunity to get some decent dinosaurs! It hasn’t been that way in a while now


For anyone adding to this I would state location and OS/device used to help Ludia troubleshoot as I don’t have any of these issues in the South West of the UK, rural-ish area, Android Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.


iOS South East Florida!


S7, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
I have all these exact problems, I rarely see any epics, sometimes over a week before I see one and when I do often as soon as I get close or touch to launch it disappears. Not many dinos on the map and the ones that are there are 90% allosaurus, stegosaurus or apatasaurus. Rares are almost as rare as epics, spawning very infrequently. Radius spawns are virtually nonexistent. These problems existed for me before the 55MB update, I actually have no idea what was in that 55MB update as there was no noticeable changes for me.

I haven’t noticed as many issues with the “I am a Passenger” as you’ve stated but it is irritating and does pop up inconsistently with speed.


I will add my two cents too.
My Samsung Galaxy S7 (purchased 4 months ago) lags when the stupid “going to fast” warning and I have to restart the game everytime my phone logs into or out of wifi. Today I went out and made sure I had wifi off using strictly LTE data with no issues.
Another issue is my game locks up when trying to record my game play using Google game launcher. I have used it a bunch of times but since the update it freezes my game.


While most spawns tend to be outside my 150-meter “circle of influence,” here in my locale of the States I would contend that the number of Rare and Epic spawns has increased dramatically since update 1.3 went live. I’m certainly not darting 5 Epics a day outside of showcase events, but I’ve had more encounters with Epics that I rarely see—I just saw my first Rajasaurus in the wild the other day, and the second Epic Spinosaurus that I’ve ever seen. And I’m not a super competitive player by any stretch of imagination, but I check the app fairly frequently while I’m out and about.

For that matter, I’d argue that some days at certain times, the spawns aren’t as good as others. During good times of the day, I might see 2-3 decent Rares or an Epic just out of reach in my neighborhood–which I can go out and pursue if I so choose. Sometimes it’s just 2-3 Commons. It’s just part of the RNG of it all, I guess–and it’s kind of like most outdoor activities. You don’t catch a fish every time you go fishing; you don’t see the rare bird every time you go birding, etc. Super annoying? Yeah. Realistic? Most certainly!

As far as radius spawns or proximity spawns, I’m not sure that I’ve paid close enough attention to determine whether anything’s changed. :joy: I’ve noticed increased numbers of creatures in close proximity to one another when I’m close enough for them to display on the map, but most of those abrupt, sudden spawns for me tend to be Apatosaurus and other typical Commons.


I’d love the option to turn off the “Are you A Passenger”!! During the 5-hour drive to/from college move-in this week, I spent most of my time hoping to reconnect as a passenger. Miles and miles would go past that I knew were littered with stops and dinos as well as a number of parks that I passed where I knew there was an Irritator with my name on it, but it wouldn’t load.


‘Waves’ at the almost neighbour! South coast of the UK. I don’t have any problems with Spawn rates. Often see and catch Epics too…no lag either be it wifi at home or 4G out and about…


‘Waves’ back - what sort of dinos are most common where you are?


Ok sorry for the pic spam but best way to show you…I also get T-rex both types.


I could do with a few Kaprosuchus :slight_smile:
Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Deinocheirus, Sarcosuchus, Monolophosaurus Gen 2 - very common; Nodosaurus Postosuchus, Spinasaurus, Triceratops fairly common; sprinkling of others


I get the passenger message when I’m. Not moving!


So do I! I get it while I am sitting in my easy chair at home! It was a joke a while back! I should see a message like this! You are reclining too fast!


These problems have existed for me since the update before this last 55 MB update, so like 2-3 updates ago is when it started for me. Has it always been like that for you, or was it after an update that you noticed the decrease?


Yes, I have to turn WiFi off, then load the game up, otherwise, it will get the can’t connect message and is unable to reestablish the connection. In the first 6 weeks of the game, it was really good about being able to reconnect, but now it sucks! If you accidentally hit the button to switch apps and then immediately go back in the game, it can’t reconnect even though it was only a split second. The connection problems alone cause my son and I to have to restart the game so many times.


I’m in Kansas City, plenty big to b able to get a wide variety of Dino’s. Funny thing is since the last update, hardly anything new, same old stegosaurus’s, triceratops, hardly ever c rares and epics, not even in parks. Battles r so unmatched, either I’m saying getting it over with, cause I’m way outmatched, or those way below me r whopping me or I’m running over those who seem to b barely starting. U took the fun out of the game, please put it back. I’m all over the city, should b fun… And yes I get there passenger things when I’m parked, not moving, crazy