Problems with VIP bundles? Unable to gain Darts?


Hi, there. I was expecting this game for so long and when it finally came out I was pretty happy. So yesterday, I decided to become VIP and see what happens (first time I do this on any mobile game). Everything was just great. Then I decided to use my Cash (I had about 269 bucks) to buy some darts (350 to be more precisely) and then some bugs have appeared. Now the darts that I collect from any Supply Drop doesn’t count. I tried several times, anything stills counts as like money and gold and DNA. NOT ONLY FROM THE SUPPLY DROP BUT I NOTICED THAT ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER WAYS IN GAME TO GAIN DARTS ARE WORKING ANYMORE! PLEASE, FIX THIX! I’M RUNNING LOW ON DARTS ALREADY!
My ID is Spinos#6290
Please help!