Procera as Thor counter

Effective? Too fragile? DC bait?

I’d like to hear opinions/experiences please.

Too fragile… You have to either evasive stance or instant distract on turn one.

With distract, you’ll recover from minor damage, but die or near death after landing your big hit (assuming he’ll use rampage). In either case, you’ll be finished off by round three.

With evasive stance one luck hit and that’s it.

Better off with Diplovenator. I’ve distracted attacks down to zero… and that counter :slight_smile:


good idea :slight_smile: my only problem is that most of us would not boost legendary dinos or non meta dinos anymore :S because boosts are hard to get and if you boost a dino to tier 5-6 you will most likely never replace it.

This is the only reason why I would only boost Thor counters such as Utarinex, Dilora, Magna


Your right, boost are better saved for unique(s). I guess the question is does Tuco have any of the standard unique counters?

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I have them, but hate them… I guess I may just lie in the bed I’ve made and lose to the mega boosted, and handle the minor boosted.

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I guess I’ll hold off.

I’m also holding off on diplovenator - way too weak to be a good thor counter at higher levels, and not going to level and boost it. I’ll wait and see if the make a distracting unique the way they made an armor/shield crunching, rampaging, crit machine.

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Thanks to this dang evasive nerf, Procera is an even less reliable “counter”. At least you had a chance to avoid severe damage when we were able to avoid 100% damage. Anyone remember the feeling of dodging a critical Rampage from Thor? You were like - laughing hysterically “OMG I can’t believe I dodged that!!!”

Now, we gotta calculate even more with how much damage a dodger will receive, and if the damage is too much, then we’ll just give up.

Thor needs to be stopped. Even though I aspire on creating it one day, I still vote for us to be able to defend against boosted Thor. At this point, he’s basically a green Thanos that cannot be stopped.

We need the nerf to be lifted. It was unneeded, and y’all know why? People are talking about the fact that they didn’t hit a dino with full power that they possibly could’ve, because of it cloaking/using Evasive. If anyone wants to hit an evasive creature with full power instead of partial power, y’all know what y’all have to do?

hit it with a nullifying, precision, or definite move

Simple as that. The most powerful nullifier as of now? Quetzorion. Next in line? Monostegotops. Seriously, Monolophosaurus isn’t that hard to find here in L3. I see her all the time.

But with that aside, we need to use more moves that are designed to counter that kind of stuff. Like seriously.


i’m low aviary (4700~4800), and my yoshi is level 23, tiers 5-5-4 (hp-dm-speed)
meaning: 3537 hp + 1797 dm + 142 speed.

face to face i’m wiping almost every thor i find. only those significantly higher level and/or boosts can beat my baby.

look: at same level, without boosts, thor only beats yoshi if its critical succeed twice, specifically at 2nd and 3rd turn.

  • turn 1: yoshi instant 90% distract, thor obviously does 1.5x move (10% damage only).

  • turn 2: yoshi does dramatic 2x damage, leaving thor 1 move away from the ground. thor does 2x move (unfortunately 50% distracted now).

  • turn 3: yoshi does 1x move and thor does instant charge.

IF (only if) thor crit at 2nd AND 3rd turn yoshi looses. 1st turn makes no difference if crit or not, but if only ONE of next turns (2nd and 3rd) crit not succeed, than thor is gone.

and i think it worth the risk. if procerathomimus survives this scenario (the most likely), is now ready to 1x damage next dino, or with some luck (depending on hp left and what’s next victim), use instant again and do 2x once more. or swap to draco/tryko/etc and come back later to a last 1x shot if faster.

the above scenario is now only possible thanks to 1.8 changes. :heart_eyes:

and i guess many players around the world didn’t realize yoshi got this hp+dm buff. they underestimate yoshi in my battles and i smash some other dinos easily, like tenonto.

in fact, the dino i mostly pray to be system-selected for my battles now is procerathomimus. its too much damage for a speedster chicken like that, very helpful.

it can kill: thor (with scenario above), magna, dilora, tenonto, rinex, utasino, tuora, monostego, indoraptor, tryostonix, tyrannolopho, suchotator, stegoceratops, spinotasuchus, dilorano, indominus…

a good fight against draco too. all above without using “evasive stance”.

the hilarious part, is:
allosinosaurus, the thor element, can beat procerathomimus easier than thor itself, not depending on crit… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: thanks to 15% armor, a little more hp and damage.


The issue with Thor isn’t one on one battles.
It’s the case when Thor comes in to kill off any slower Dino with its Impact and then is sitting there waiting with IC or Rampage.
How does Yoshi hold up walking into this?
Anyone opening with Thor is either stupid or just trying to see if they can take down a whole team with one Dino.

There are plenty of people who open with crazy Thoraldosaurus and honestly seeimh the green ostrich making a comeback makes me very happy for her.

Too fragile, unless you boost it with crazy money.

Which seems to be the only real skill these days.

way better as revenger. if the opponent made the nice mistake to do 2x damage first, 90% yoshi distract would be even more efficient.

instant charge? the sooner its choosen, the better for yoshi :smiling_imp:

once yoshi is faster (easy according to tier list), its good. as for all other thor counters (need to be faster of course).

but its like things was before boosts. thor is a slow dino, speed is its weak point. boost is here to break excellent logic work for creatures.
making counters faster than thor, place thing more or less when were before boosts.

battles are not always dino x counter, of course. but i use to save yoshi, to deal with thor or to be faster than many dinos.

speed is the main logic design breaker, way more than hp or damage.

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leveled up yoshi today. omg, its incredible how players underestimate it in my battles, hahahahaha.
they dont seem to know procera moveset, etc.

i guess is because its rare in arena, people expecting the most used obvious creatures and got scared when they face a boosted procerathomimus hahaha.

only from yesterday until now i saw hilarious things, like:

  • player trying to instant distract yoshi. lol
  • player choosing low damage move instead of the higher, i guess not knowing or forgot they are distracted by last yoshi move.
  • player choosen poor erlikospyx hahahahaha. it was a 2 shot. :smiling_imp:
  • player using dodge against next nullify yoshi move when having better options.
  • thor using instant charge too early.
  • a draco trying to stun yoshi. this was great! :laughing:

its been very rare when i try procera dodge, i mostly doesnt need that.

I see this a lot, not necessarily with Procera though, but I had a battle recently where I used Tryo to kill off a Stegod, then they brought out Diplovenator, and the first thing they did was instant distract lol.

And the odd thing is these silly moves happen with high level players.

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This isn’t about countering Thor, but Stgydaryx is a good counter for Yoshi

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tryko and dioraja are yoshi’s troubles too

my bad… sorry.

i made the opposite: i saw a boosted baryonyx and choosen another move other than distract, because for some crazy unknown reason, i thought it was tryostonix.

i think it was because making choices too quick, and i use to see tryo frequently and almost never bary. :confused:

for my luck it was arena a.i. and those stup* a.i. are very easy to beat, so i won anyway.

ps: are a.i. battles so easy because Ludia wants to compensate us with easy incubator, for not be matched pvp? :see_no_evil: