Procerataurus infestation!

My goodness they’re everywhere on the map this week, feathers everywhere!!

Why can’t there be a wooly rhino outbreak?


i’ve gotten so many. all i want is to be able to get tuoj. haven’t been able to scent one because of all this green fur.

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I bet they didn’t set the spawn ratio correctly… Ludia’s usual rigour. For once, the error benefits the players, we’re not going to complain.


Ludia to employees: “I know it’s the holidays but don’t forget to set the Procerataurus spawning ratio…”


I hope it’s there again tomorrow! I can finally get the unique rat


because draceceratosaurus is the hybrid chase thingy

Why would you want that, it’s horrible.

Does look cute when it swaps in with its adorable fur coat and does its little twist…then gets one-shotted :smiley:

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One of the few times I’m actually happy with the spawn rate - I’m getting close to getting Dracocerato to level 30! :smiley:


I’m happy with it. I need to gather enough DNA to unlock it. Haven’t really gotten much DNA yet… Maybe able 500 DNA total, but I hope to get more of it.

run a giga scent. it is literally super common. i had at least 25 before i had to close the game for other reasons. still had about an hour and a half left.

As the saying goes: “never look a gift horse in the mouth” (or a gift dino, in this case), I always tell people here not to complain about free stuff we get. But this week’s pursuit is a bit exaggerated, isn’t it?

That’s what happens when you do a weekly pursuit of an already global creature. That thing is showing up more than commons! It was already hard enough to hunt for specific dinos we wanted, now it’s close to impossible… I’d say to give us more interesting pursuits, please. We were supposed to say “cool” when a pursuit creature appears, and not “oh damn, this thing again…” :roll_eyes:


Well @Arnold, look at it like this… it could have been worse and they could have chosen a component that creates a swap in!

Oh hang on… :upside_down_face:

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i’m trying to hunt a different global rare and i cannot for the life of me get a single one to spawn with all these proceratos. i’ll still dart all of them so i have the dna, but a if we can tone it back a bit that would be great.


Gotta love this merging topics… Now all my takes on it get lost in the middle of another thread :roll_eyes:

i got 4,000 just today, it was in the course of 30 minutes. @Qiew, i caught 1, at least u know they are out there. i like this new spawn ratio a lot. its really nice. if only they had this for everything, imgaine if this is the spawn rate. at this rate i will be able to get it to 30 in one week, well at least if i darted for like 15 hours this week. that is my calculations based on the amount of dna i got in like half an hour. it only takes darting 450 right?

I saw three this evening. Darted two and the third one disappeared while I was in route to it. Haven’t seen anymore since. :frowning:

Open giga scent, sit, dart for 30 minutes im sure you Will get at least 4-9 proceratosaur

Thanks, will give that a go in a little bit.

its awful ,please fix that … it ruined the regular spwan, i activated 4 giga scents since it began and not a sinlge erliko gen 2 or irritator, just because of the proceratarus

Im fine with it, allowed me to unlock proceratotops, even though dracoceratops is better.