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Procerathomimus 2.0 is underestimated

I am keeping my Procerathomimus!

First of all my Procera is lvl 29. The speed is reduced to 127, and isn’t that problematic with a few boosts. Procera’s new weakness is being able to slowed down now. Otherwise most of the immunity is kept in the resistances. The damage is about the same. The main problem is a much lower health. After 15 (!) health boosts it only has 3889 health.

While everyone focuses on the negatives and the nerfing, I will argue that Procerathomimus got new advantages. Its Cunning Strike lets it distract the opponent the turns while waiting for Distracting Rampage. And now the best part; Procera now has a new nullifying counter attack. That means each and every time an opponent attacks it, their positive effects fades away! So I’m over all happy with Procerathomimus 2.0 :grin:

I know that myself and several others’ concerns can be fixed due to boosts, but what about Skill Tourneys? Not just that, but just like you said, it takes even more boosts just to make its HP viable again (Which is just too much boosts to waste) Just imho. But I like how your atleast trying to be optimistic towards the hard nerf on ProRat

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Yeah those are a lost case :sweat_smile:

You’re gonna be disappointed lol

I used my level 27 pro-rat for a number of battles. it perfromed poorly. It can not even break shield. I will have to bench it.

the problem is opponent doesn’t need to attack much, with such low hp.

pfff, i just checked now. mine is lvl 28, and it’s A LOT of hp lost.

in other hand, erlikospyx got a lot more hp.

seems like they trade hp, lol.

i used my yoshi since the first buff, and the main advantage was speed: it was the fastest hybrid in game.
this means its always faster than any dino at same boost tier.
and thanks to this, mine was 151 speed. for lower library, i NEVER faced a single opponent faster, lol.
some opponents wasn’t able to being faster than my yoshi even after 10% speedup, lol.

and being immune i was always the first to act. it’s a BIG advantage, many times forcing opponent to swap early (and not helpful most times).

being not the fastest, being able to slowdown, and such low hp, so sorry… i can’t use it anymore.

pity i can’t remove procerato dna from, maybe draco is a very better option now.

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The shields are a positive effect though, so when the opponent attacks you the shield is gone

Dont mean to keep on raining down the bad news, but in addition with the newfound nerf, it cannot null. shields anymore, which also sucks. Although Null. Counter does make up for it.

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Erlikospyx is pretty useless now. It doesn’t even have bleed anymore

Yup just one of the dinos made useless. Courtesy of Ludia

i noticed. but its fast, have distract, precise, can resist stun (wow) and have a big hp buff.

at least is doing better than yoshi now.

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It will nullify the opponent’s shields every time the opponent does physical damage to it due to the Nullifying Counter.

Yeah forgot about that :rofl:, just edited my post. Although one creature I wouldve preferred to have gotten the Null. Counter is Tenrex. Now that wouldve been nice

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Erlikospyx is basically just a better version of Erlikogamma now :laughing:
A great addition with the revenge attack though

Just got me curious what they did to Tenontorex. Apparently it now can heal the attack amount (of some reason) and lost the defense shattering impact. Immune to vulnerable, and 67% resistant to stun and swap prevention.

Have you seen the animations for those new “multi-function attacks” though? Takes way too long because of all the different effects that are being taken into question…

The Resilient Strike def helped its case, not to mention also the 1900 Attack too.

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It was always Thor’s “little brother”, but now Tenontorex more or less has his spot for himself

tried some bizarre things here… in arena:

a lvl 6 moschops almost killed a lvl 25 yoshi. hahahahaha.

very slow hp and can be slowed. :roll_eyes:

a lvl 1 inostrancevia finished the job, lol.

that’s not a nerf. it’s a death. :cry:


After trying some battles it really seems to struggle indeed :sweat_smile:
Mostly because of the overpowered Resilient attacks that way too many creatures have now

I don’t think they’re overpowered (at least, not by much), but I’ll agree that way too many creatures seem to be anti-evasion right now.

If you look at the list of creatures you’re likely to come across that aren’t anti-evasion, things start to look pretty bleak: Thor, Erlidom, Tryo, Tyrannolophosaur, Allosino, DC and Dracoceratosaurus.
That’s it.
If you don’t run into one of those, your Dodgers are basically toast. And even then, victory is far from guaranteed.