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Procerathomimus bane of my existence

So I took a long break from the game back when boosts had completely broken the battle mechanics and strategy, glad to come back to find it mostly fixed (kinda). I’ve been able to adjust to most of the changes, however these absurdly strong and boosted proceratomimus are hard for me to counter. I would think Tryk would have been good but even it has a hard time with the constant damage reduction moves. I come up against it basically every battle. Any suggestions for me on how to counter it?

Sorry I’m sure this question has been asked before.

Tryko isn’t horrible against it, but you are at the mercy of crits and evasion luck.
Erlidom isn’t horrible either. A bit of mind games and luck on the evasion as well. Starting with speed up strike rather than rampage or cloak could help.
Phorusaura shouldn’t’ be bad either if you’re able to get her to team level. It will be some more mind games, but if you can save the instant rampage for when both instant distract and evasive stance are on cooldown it should work.
Carbonemys And Smilonemys, tho difficult to get, prove very useful due to their high armor.

Here is a link to Gampress’s Dinodex for Procerath. It will help finding the top counters for it. (tho this is based off of unboosted stats)

Thanks for the response, those counters are definitely something I’ll try out. The high speed and double damage, even relatively high base damage after boosts, make it a tough one for me even with some of the suggested counters. Sadly I don’t have any of the suggested uniques and Phorusaura has been out of reach for me, I must have missed a week when the ingredients where available.
I just get very frustrated that a super fast high damage ostrich is able to go toe to toe with tank dinos. I have seen people that suggested Stegod but it was a long time ago, is it still a reasonable choice? typically the bird i’m facing are doing 1450+ damage base and it’s nullifying so I’m not sure.

I haven’t used stegod so i can’t really be of much help there. Tho others do suggest it. Can’t hurt to try it out.