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Procerathomimus bug

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Bug Description:
Instant distract does not distract

Area is was found in: battle arena in Aviary

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- fight opponent with indoraptor gen1
Step 2 - indoraptor uses cleanse first turn
Step 3 - ProceraM uses nullify strike
Step 4 - ProceraM uses instant distract
Step 5 - Indoraptor uses Defense Shattering Rampage
Step 6 - Procera gets hit with full damage DSR
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:
Android pixel 2xl

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Indoraptor is now immune to distract


Lol, love it!


one situation is when some creature changes and after hundreds of battles since last update we make a mistake and pay the price.

another completely different one is report a full post about a situation in a topic full of comments about and an ability shown in creature stats itself.


i use to see people making mistakes in game after an update. but i thought it was only for players who don’t know this forum.

I have fallen for that a few times trying to stun or distract Indo

Me too, but even the indo player forgot :joy:. First my dc used acute stun, but then it was tryko vs indo and he used cleanse impact even tho his rampage was available.

I love that this breaks the monotony of facing Proceras, Allosinos/Thor’s, and all the other superboosted creatures we’re used to facing. My underleveled, unboosted Indo G2 is punching well above its weight class just because of the unfamiliarity. It once nearly beat a lvl22 boosted Indo and Dioraja in a row. It’s only level 17😂.
Powerful as the Gen 2 hybrids are, they’re meant to be even more powerful. Mutual Fury’s supposed to last an extra turn, which would make a big difference.

Thanks for the non-sarcastic help

Yoshi bug: Yoshi needs nerf :rofl:

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I had that when I battled a Tryko with my Indo. I totally forgot that Indo is immune to distraction so I swapped to Magna expecting the Tryko to use ID. That didn‘t happen and he destroyed Magna. So, Indo back in and I expected another ID and used basic attack.

Well, finally the Tryko and Indo were at low health but had ID left and I had rampage. I thought „okay, the battle is lost“ and used rampage expecting another ID. Didn‘t happen and I thought „ooooh lol my opponent gave up for some reason noice“.

Next battle, I suddenly realized that Indo is immune to distraction when Procera used distracting rampage and my Indo rampaged the chicken to death.