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Procerathomimus... bug?

Not sure if it’s actually bug which is why I’m posting here instead of the bugs forum, and I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed elsewhere and I just missed it.

Proceratos’ base attack is Cunning Strike, which, among other things, cleanses it of DoT.

Procerathomimus is IMMUNE to DoT. Why does it the get a DoT cleanse? It doesn’t say anything about it being a group cleanse for raids, just a cleanse for itself. So what’s the point of having it?

If you ever felt useless, remember that Swap in attacks have a raid specific target(Target lowest health)


It’s because Procerathomimus isn’t the only creature with that move, and it wouldn’t make sense to make a separate version just for Procerathomimus.


Like thoradolosaurus fierce strike but have 100% vulnerable resistance


Like how Indom Gen 2 had Mutual Fury, which cleansed. Back before 2.0, it didn’t make sense since it was fully immune, but they can’t tailor a move for every specific creature, so you’re going to have some redundancies


Don’t forget that they also remove attack buffs and reduce critical chance as well as distracting, so Procerathomimus definitely gets some use out of it even if it doesn’t personally benefit from every effect.

On the other hand, this issue does exist in the game. The only difference between fierce and defense shattering moves is the removal of vulnerability, but some vulnerable-immune creatures were given fierce attacks (for example, Thor)! So on these creatures, those attacks are functionally the same as defense shattering, so why not just give them the defense shattering version?

That might be data saving, but I think every DSS was changed to FS

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I just checked, guess not. Some still have DSS. While others got Fierce Strike. They either got their Strike changed, or one of their other moves became Fierce.

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