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Procerathomimus counter


I have been wondering how to effectively counter this new unbalanced creature without relying on rng. Any suggestions?

If we swap in, we are always going to get hit hard. Too hard to survive with immune creatures, and which one can nullify? Trying to nullify it will get us distracted with instant distraction or its rampage.

Tanks? Only a select few have nullifying abilities, and even then, I think we need cleansing for sure. Any other creature hits a dead end here or what?


Use tanks like stegod or trago, survive and hit


Immune uniques like Magna and Erli can wreak havoc on procera. Otherwise, just keep using superiority strike from any tanks.


I feel like they failed the move set of this dino. Why 131 speed? Also what was the point in reducing evasive stance cooldown from 4 to 3? Its active for 3, so it needs atleast 4. I would make it 5. But then again, I would get rid of the move altogether. Doesn’t belong in a strategy game.


Unbalanced creature???

  • It has low HP, most dinos can one-shot it.
  • It has low attack.
  • It can only perform damage once every two turns.
  • If swapped-in dies instantly without playing a single move.

Can it be annoying? Yes, under the right circumstances. Its high speed is its best weapon and it can handle many different match-ups quite well. It has an interesting kit of skills. Its use is based on preventing damage while hitting its best attack once every two turns or remove buffs and die. But it is not unbalanced by any means.

How to counter it? Any creature with SS counters it finely. Critical damage or immune creatures counter it as well.


Yeah, I loved mine at first, but I’m thinking she needs benching. She’s level 17, but even if she were higher and at team level I don’t think I’d feel much more confident. She definitely doesn’t decide a battle, and I’m starting to feel nervous when she appears in my line-up because she’s a glass…rifle, maybe, but not a cannon (since half her moves do 0 damage and one is completely RNG dependent). In short: don’t worry about the Christmas chicken too much, because she can for sure be beaten as mentioned by others above.


You prob won’t be using tany at higher arenas, but tany can sweep this thing one shot with nullifying impact as long as it doesn’t get distracted first. Another thing you can use is possibly monolometrodon, since its immune and can nullify. Or a lot of dinos can one shot it as long as you hit through the evasive.


mines level 22 and great most of the time, cleaned up a whole team recently.

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I Agree with what OP said 0%. Also, Swap in nullify is the ultimate OP SIA. It should be changed to something les OP like swap in dodgey dodge right away.


Monolometrodon! Yes, that would work. Thank you.
Tany doesnt work at all, even when much higher level. Distracting is… Too much.


It outlasts tanks with SS as long as dodge works. Happened to me. Most dinos can’t one-shot its at all, since they will be distracted and/or dodged. Also, Monomimus is considered a legendary but Procerathomimus is way better, being an epic. It messes with the game like a hacker would. So yes, its unbalanced, and I don’t get why you are defending this thing.
Low attack really? Massive distracting rampage followed up by other distracting/dodges.


You just said it yourself. It only has one attack. One that can be used every two turns (with a delay on start), which means half the damage per turn (with no damage on first turn). The rest are things to keep it alive that do not do damage (It can even die having done 0 damage).
That means that you have to last at least 4 turns to kill any opponent. 6 turns in the case of tanks or shielded dinos. Most battles last 3 turns.

You cannot distract tanks. Evasive works 50% of the time.
If you evade or distract you don’t do damage. Any hit will crush you. I still don’t see any unbalance.

It is a good dino, but not everything that’s good is unbalanced. Not everything that you don’t like is unbalanced either…

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I don‘t think so. Don‘t underestimate the high armor and hp of tanks plus their ability to cleanse of distraction. Just makes the battle longer but tanks will win.
I used Proceratomimus and she‘s a great counter against chompers, Monomimus, raptors and Iraptor. Prob is if ur unlucky she‘ll get oneshot.
I mostly distract with -90% dmg and have to predict my opponent‘s moves. If I‘m successful then she really is one annoying and dangerous beast. But she can also turn immediately in one harmless snack.

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And if u need a counter get her in ur team! :slight_smile:
She‘s not unbalanced as Monomimus has been and I will be extremely mad if Ludia should also nerf her.

That chicken is totally fine and one strong team member even low lvl players can get.