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Procerathomimus gameplay and new Utarinex animation


New hybrid

He looks sick in this light!:joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Procerathomimus looks awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I lvl up mine to 15 but confused about leveling up beyond 15 :neutral_face:

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I wasnt going to… but shes so pretty :heart_eyes:


LOOOOVing the new headbutt, they should have given it to Thor as well!!


Was able to get the new hybrid he looks pretty cool I’m excited to put him into my team. Screenshot_20190204-121814

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I just finished drawing a procera;

I think this guy is going on my team when I get him.


I know right, its awesome lol.

Nice job devs, sometimes it’s the little things that make us smile :sunglasses:


Amen! It always bugs me when the stunning attacks and their animations don’t line up. I want Thor/Allo to charge like a Sino! :rofl:


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What are her stats at that level?


New loading screen looks nice as well. Looks like Rex found some lunch.


Loved this one (in theory) the reality is Procera is not very good (or I am playing it wrong). Got excited and buffed this little bird up to LVL 18 when I got it. First time I encountered one today I killed it straight away. Luck I thought… People have done the same to mine every time I have played it though. You cannot make a good hit until your second turn really and if RNG is against you you’re toast. It has died against every creature I put it up against. Bad RNG luck maybe, but so far I am disappointed in this little bird.

Watching GG’s video will help. Though there is a 10 lvl diff with those dinos.


Sorry just seen this message. Gorrilas is 23 :open_mouth:

Not enough HP,