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Procerathomimus got nerfed?


People keep commenting that it got nerfed. In what way was it nerfed? I dont see anything from Metahub’s creature adjustment notes


not nerfed but more attackers now. it got hp buff.

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There are new attacks that ignore evasive/cloak… so it wasnt nerf but may be weaker in the new meta.


what meta? :joy:

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besides… terror bird is where its at now :wink:

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The terror bird dio raja boosted lythronax meta


the nightmare meta… oo like that.


I think I’m dropping indo from my team come 1.7. Maybe try out megalosuchus again or something. I think evasion might be too risky in the next patch. I hate it anyway, so no real big loss for me to drop indo. I don’t use any other cloakers so whatevs.


That’s unfortunate for my Procerathomimus, but for my arena it probably still is powerful.