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Procerathomimus has 3900 health... Need counters

Overall this update seems to relatively balance the meta out a bit more, not so centered around one type of dino. But Procerathomimus’ (Yoshi/Xmas Chicken) health buff is completely uncalled for. It got 750 health in this one update, and it has been gradually continually buffed consistently in other recent updates as well.

No this is not a “Nerf thread”, its more of a “Give us counter for this” thread, but I guess its a nerf thread if you think about it that way.

Now even an erlidominus cannot one shot it, while yoshi can one shot an erlidominus. It is also immune so it cannot be slowed or bled to death. Plus it distracts so u cant chomp it. And it takes away ur cloak while dodging itself. The only option is the use the rat. So basically by buffing procerathomimus, ludia makes it vital to have the rat on ur team. Why is this EPIC so good? Its better than monomimus, its legendary counterpart. With this buff, it is pretty much the best dino in the game, and if not, still high tyrant. Why. The new phorusaura has a chance of beating it, as do the indoraptors now. But what else? An epic should not be so broken. And we all complain about the LEGENDARY rat… If someone does have tips on how to beat this, please let me know, thanks. I think there should be more things to counter it, maybe I just haven’t noticed.

Side Note: These health stats dont even make sense. Both of its hybrid ingredients have 3000 health, it has like 30% more. Its damage is also much higher than its hybrid parents. The point of this, and the reason why ludia nerfed monomimus back in the day, is because they were meant to be glass cannons. Not cannons with as much health as an indoraptor.


I will be using Maxima as my counter once 1.9 hits. Should handle it very well. Immune, bulky, breaks evasive shenanigans.


Thanks, I’ve been thinking about working towards that as well. But even so, you will take lots of damage before you take that thing down…

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If you’re feeling confident, you can use Instant Invincibility to completely absorb the Distracting Rampage. It’s risky, but it could pay off. I definitely agree the Procerath buff was way too much. It’s going to be just as meta defining as Dracocera and mega Thor, mark my words.


The only dinos that can counter it are dinos with high armor which on my team is only tryko. So if i don’t pull tryko my team will fall apart to an over boosted yoshi.


Yeah problem is tryko is vulnerable to distract…


since i can’t talk about dracoceratops (i can at least remember that after 1.7 release and 150 speed 1.5x crit thors started to smash everybody, people paused to complain about draco?)… let me try a cent:

we don’t have new creatures stats yet. maybe we have some good counters like these new 50~60 armored, or immunes to distraction ones… for 1.8 we have those with armor and counter-attack like tryko and dioraja, but erlidominus and spyx is a guarantee to win.

ps: erlidominus, as spyx, never can 1-shot yoshi. rampage is not a good idea, better suffer 1x damage from yoshi then speedup and theeeeen being faster… 2x it (if needed).


Like you just stated, erlidom can definitely counter Yoshi. Speed up and rampage. Yoshi is at mercy of evasive at that point or has to swap out.


Yoshi doesnt needed this hp buff and Lydia still have time to fix it before release the update,the same thing goes for utasino and DC


would a boosted tragod work?
indo may be another option since its gonna be immune to distraction, it needs to be faster tho.


Yeah this all could already be said in 1.8… And they’ve made it worse


But Tryko also has a way of completely taken away the Rampage. So there are counters.

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Maxima, Gemini
Indoraptor is now immune to distraction

They chose the “buff other creatures” method instead of nerfing the deemed OP ones.

We will see if it turns out to be an overall power creep or not.


This is what they always should have done.


I disagree. Nerfs are needed in a game to prevent an overall powercreep. Like I have said in my previous post. But we will see.


A Dino is only OP when there’s not enough counter.
If there’s ideal counters, no Dinos will be OP.


I create a dino A with swap in win.
I create a dino B with “Auto Win when the dino A is on opponent’s team”

Dino B is a counter of dino A.

But both of them are not balanced.

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It’s glorious. Evasive stance is honestly a waste of a move slot. Never use it unless I need to pull a win out of nowhere and if I need that then I’ve played poorly anyways.
Giving it more HP is a welcome change :slight_smile:
It does need counters though but it has those. Several.

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If you create a Dino with an ability to win just by swapping, the counter is, to prevent the Swap in.
That’s the way it’s balanced.

About your Dino B, that’s like burning my house down just to kill a single rat.

The idea is that being a counter doesn’t necessarily means they are balanced. In some cases, they are not balanced by nature, if they choose to ignore this nature and tried to work around that by creating something else, it will create more problems. That’s my point of view.