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Procerathomimus has 3900 health... Need counters

I can’t understand why Ludia makes all those ridiculous decisions. They didn’t nerf the rat when 80% of fan base asked for it and they keep buffing Procera when it’s already so OP!!!


Monolometrodon is my favorite creature to bring out against Procerathomimus.
She is immune to the distractions and has no cooldown for reuse of 1x damage nullifying strike.


Procerathomimus will be nerfed hard in next update. :grin:


That’s what the Kaprosuchus is for in my team. It will remove the dodge after Erli hits Yoshi once. If the Erli rampage is successful, Kapro will finish Yoshi off. If not, at least he’ll remove the dodge and take the rampage for Erli.

Well, the Rat is a legendary, not an epic. And they have to give beginner some easy to get decent dinos earlier in the game. That being said, they should have went for tanks, or chompers, not cheezy dinos like those :slight_smile:

have you forgotten about the fact that if procera/yoshi goes for nullifying strike the first turn, both erlidominus and erlikospyx will most likely be at low enough hp for draco rat to kill them with swap in rampage, aswell as the fact that erlikospyx can still be distracted from instant distraction

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well, this case of including another dino in scenario is more for a team analysis, not a dino 1x1 analysis.

but for spyx, i mentioned proper 1.8 scenario, the same of erlidom… but for 1.9 spyx can’t beat yoshi anymore. :confused:

I’m sure it’s more of a problem in the highest arenas where your wallet becomes involved to be relevant, but my erlidom has always been higher speed boosted than any yoshi’s I fight.

Deus, Trago, Maxima(1.9 buffed), Dio, Gemini, and Tarkus are all capable counters. And of course if you can have it hurt… Rat it :mask:


Maybe Procera will be nerfed next patch…

But until then I’m riding the Yoshi train to top 500.

Jokes aside, I know Yoshi seems invincible but as someone who loves him and uses him all the time, he’s not too hard to foil. He’s super vulnerable after that distracting rampage has gone off, he can’t do much against other immune dinos, mine has personally been ruined by Stegod and Tragod even after being boosted, and if I meet anything with more speed boosts than me, I’m almost guaranteed to be taken out in two moves, instant distraction notwithstanding. Instead of panicking about its extra health, maybe play it for a while and realize its weaknesses so you know what to do to defeat it.

Knowledge is power, y’all.


come on,now he is purely immortal,well boosted,it will be worst than the 1.7 thor
Welcome to the immune meta,you take the hits but you won’t reply,purely genius…
As if magna,erlidom and procera were “overvalued”…
.I predict the top tier will be incredibly boring,add the “new” immune indoraptor,the immune gemini and the immune ardentis,this meta will be uninteresting


you dont need the post, Ludia doesn’t hear about the user!!!
Here are 15000 posts to Dracocera and Ludia do nothing.
So why the should nerf proceratho?

Very sad game where the developer doesnt hear about the comunity


No need to nerve and enough counters. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice one of your creatures but still it can be killed. And she’s brilliant so happy to see her buffed

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Lydia (lol) isn’t going to fix anything though. They like making over powered dinos so ppl go nuts over it, over power it, then nerf it after 2 updates and bring on the next top dog overpowered Dino.
Lydia’s a nasty girl. She’s very mean. She likes toying with our emotions. :joy:


“Purely immortal” seems like a bit of a stretch, dude.

But please, continue to tell me how impossible it will be to beat one little chicken with only two actual attacks.

I will take it on the other side,
Tell me how to kill a BEAST with 131 speed (faster creature after velociraptor),almost 4000HP,IMMUNITY,Tons of dmg,1600!!! (rank 13 on 166creatures) except with the dracoceratops ??
please,share me your science,im VERY curious

I bet Apato can whoop it! If she can whoop a rat, she can sure enough trash a green chicken.

Bring it.


Haven’t been on these forums in a while, I’m so glad to see the apato love is still going strong :muscle:t2: :sauropod:


Work it down with Tryko and knock it out with draco. Pretty much the only simple way.

This will be the ultimate Procera counter and arch enemy: This is getting both HP, Damage and Armor buff. This can remove Procera’s dodge and instant invinsible it’s big hit.


I was going to post exactly this.

Ludia isnt intrested in true balance… they perfer flavor of the month(patch) balance… since a new flavor of the month gets them coins sales and boosts sales at a minimum and possibly some incs and scents as well.

When these flavors tend to be arena exclusive dinos that the only realistic way to earn dna from quickly is speeding incs they get even more sales.