Procerathomimus is a dead end

I love Procerathomimus, but it should have a hybrid. Maybe an Erlikosaurus or Erlikoaurus gen 2 super hybrid. Erlithomimus. If it is gen 2, it should be really colourful, with a long neck but thicker like any Therizinosaur neck, muscular looking. Give it stronger legs than either progenitor, and a speed of 132. It should have similar arms to the Procerathomimus, but with claws, although they should still be turned sideways. The head should have a beak like a finch and a crest like the Procerathomimus.

Or a hybrid with Majunda adds swap in ferocity and counter strike :rofl:


That would be awesome hybrid :heart_eyes:

If that happens, wonder which parent it would look more like?

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Still Procerathomimus.

Not sure what that means.

It means it would still look more like Procerathomimus, as a base, with more minor features from the other parent creature.

yeah all what we need is ANOTHER erliko hybrid which is even more overpowered than already broken dino, nah Im gonna pass on this;-)

That’s true. But it does, look so cool in my mind.