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Procerathomimus needs a nerf

First let me say this is based of on the arena I’m in (arena 2) It’s fine if you disagree I’m just trying to say my point.

I’ve had this game for about a month now and whilst I enjoy playing the game arena can be quite challenging from time to time. I usually win a few and lose a few generally losing to bad luck like a stun not landing or maybe just me playing the wrong move. But I’ve come to notice that matches where I’m against procerathomimus I lose 90% of the time. This isn’t because I have bad dinosaurs or I play my move wrong, it’s usually because I can’t damage it or kill it. Procerathomimus is a hybrid and isn’t that easy to get. But it’s an epic hybrid which has 4 abilities and two uniques. And so far as well the fastest dinosaur I’ve gone up against. The problem with it is the amount of damage reduction it has and how it can do above 16000 on its second ability. I’ve had this dinosaur kill my entire team before on its own without breaking a sweat. What people do is nerf damage (reduce by 90%) then next turn do rampage and insta kill my dinosaurs or get it to a low Hp. Because it’s really fast it tends to take the first turn. Now usually you would just slow it down or reduce its damage, but you can’t as it’s immmune to debuffs. This is why I think it needs changing. Maybe remove the immunity so you can reduce its speed.


16000 damage…nothing does that not even high level cloaked buffed Erlidominus. My Procera is level 25 and buffed damagewise to tier 5 and it does 1981 damage. That 1981 times 2 damage would do like 4000 damage. AND its not even on my team.
My advice to you is to use some immune dinos against it. I have Monomimus level 30 on my team buffed to tier 7 all over. It even removes the Evasive and does real good damage.
Good luck Champ
BTW, half my team is immune…LOVE that ability

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I accidentally added an extra 0. I’ve only had the game for a month and I don’t have any legendary hybrids. Which dinosaurs would you recommend I go for?


I love my procerathomimus since her introduction in the game … my advice for you to counter her would be something with cleance distraction move, since she is usually using damage reduction moves. Counter attackers with decent armor might be the problem for procerathomimus as well ;).


Any tank with cleanse distraction I personally use my Stegodeus or my Tragodistis but I’m sure there is common or rare tanks that would do the trick if there levelled enough

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All these are immune if thats what you want:

You will also find a LOT of information on that webpage

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Wuerosaurus will be good counter.
Ankylodocon helps.
Stegocera, Sarcorixis’s Ferocious Impact, Amagacephulus all will be a counter.
One more thing, don’t ask for a Nerf first. Ask how can you counter said Dino.


A decent leveled stegosaur would handle it ok. Something with armour is ideal. Giraffatitan or wuerhosaurus would be ideal if you have one.

But yes, it is OP and based on monominus history it will get slaughtered at some point. The last tourney showed it doesn’t belong in the Epic rarity.

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Last tournament’s problem was we didn’t had enough Dino’s to use. Procemimus is not OP.

Yes, an epic that outclasses legendaries sounds OP to me. But hey… Procerato isnt the only one (I am talking to you Dracocera) that outclasses dino’s that “should” be better. Luckily they both perfectly fit the expected nerf category, since they are hybrid eligible.

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Thanks for the help. I don’t have most of the characters you guys are suggesting unfortunately so I might be a while before I start winning those types of matches. But thanks for the suggestions!

The thing about procerath is that it’s damage output, while high, is not at all reliable in high doses. DR has both a delay and a 2 turn cooldown, which gives a lot of opportunity for things that can cleanse/are immune to KO it.

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When you get to higher arenas and get a better team you will have no problem dealing with it so it definitely doesn’t need a nerf. Also it already got one with the dodge nerf.

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Saying a Dino OP just because it outshines something higher is absurd. Unique and Legendary are powerful but they are not invincible. Even a Dimorphodon can make Tryko helpless.

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If it’s getting a hybrid eventually it will be nerfed

for now every single creature characteristics for me is a solid: “whatever”.

with such a broken app, matchmaker and boosts, whatever what they do with creature logics. mess anyway.

only in friendly battles we see the hard work people do with creatures, they are all good, and some balances here and there maybe can be discussed.

but in arena? pfffff. :-1:


Except thats exactly how Ludia balances this game absurd or not… accurate or not. Based on past experiences and information we can come to two reasonable conclusions with future balancing.

  1. Both dracocera and procerath will be nerfed in the future.

  2. When this happens it will be because of a new hybrid and they will talk about how it was to powerful due to components.

I have to say it isn’t a guarantee.

Miragaia got Buffed when it got a hybrid. Yes it’s the only one ever but it still did. The stats stayed the same but Shielding Strike became Shielding Decelerating Strike.

They are very rare but you will occasionally see a Miragaia fanatic in Arena 9 or 10.

Totally agree. I find it absurd that a Legendary like Monomimus, and its superhybrid Pterovexus, a UNIQUE, are both worse than Procerathomimus. That explanation given when Monomimus got health and speed nerfs (something about it being miscalculated and overpowered) is obvious bull. Procerathomimus is obviously better than Monomimus at least in every way - better health, better damage, better speed (why the heck can’t Monomimus keep its 129 Speed??), an arguably better moveset (trading Nullifying Impact for Instant Distraction, which allows it to potentially stall out the delay on Evasive Stance).

What is the use of investing resources into creatures that are harder to create and level when a more accessible creature is also more powerful…


I don’t like nerfs at all. Buff the counters instead. I’m tired of spending countless hours grinding to create and evolve creatures only to have them rendered useless due to nerfs. Thankfully, boosts have allowed me to to reverse some of the nerfs.