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SUPER random but…

Am I the only one who finds this pic so funny? It’s mouth and facial expression are so weird. It’s definitely one of the worst photos of a dino I’ve seen in the game lmao. It looks like a little kid got into mom’s make up bag and over drew lipstick all over its face like a clown. Or if someone’s angry Aunt Lil got too much lip injections or something. :joy::joy:

I’m aware this is a pointless and random post but I don’t care, I just had to say something and wanted a laugh. I’ve kept my mouth shut too long over this. :rofl:


And that eye roll. I thought it looked like that moment at very end of a pie eating contest, when it was already regretting its actions. :joy:

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HAHAHA it’s like “oh Jesus what have I done…”

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KEVIN, Cage, NOW!:rage:

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