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Alright, the once incredibly overpowered Procerathomimus has finally been nerfed, and I’m sure a lot of players are having a good laugh about it. After all the frustration it has caused, it’s only natural to want to see that thing shredded and knitted into one of those Christmas-themed sweaters.

Even Indominus rex G2 has been nerfed, somewhat ending the reign of the overpowered Epic Hybrid tournament creatures since Erlikogamma now beats it 100% of the time.

[Also, RIP Scaphotator. Your loss will be mourned]

But let’s take a serious look at this for a moment. How bad could it be, you ask?

Procerathomimus has completely lost its ability to counter Indominus rex G2, can be ground into mincemeat by Sarcorixis and Brontolasmus, and Erlikogamma can take it out in one hit without taking any damage. Even Thylacotator can beat it now (no kidding). Heck, even Nodopatosaurus and Edmontoguanodon consistently beat it now.
And what, you might ask, has become of poor old Majundaboa, the OG Yoshi counter? Thanks to Procerathomimus getting Nullifying Counter, for whatever reason, Majundaboa has lost its only role.

And that isn’t even the end of it. Procerathomimus is no longer guaranteed to be able to swap out against a creature with No Escape, of which there are now 3 among the Epic hybrids.

We have also lost the only hybrid creature in the game with 131 speed, and since Grylenken and Diloracheirus aren’t going to have their speed buffed anytime soon, it looks like we’ll remain 131-less for a while. Although I understand not everyone might care about this particular nitpick.
[Edit: Monomimus has 131 speed now. I guess it came full circle]

But overall, is that really fair? Is this the nerf that Procerathomimus deserved (according to you, of course)?

  • Yes, it is
  • No, it isn’t
  • Neutral

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Also, I shouldn’t have to say this, but please keep the comments civil. If you don’t know how to express your opinion without insulting people, then kindly leave your vote and… leave.

Happy voting!


Personally, I think it should have been nerfed waaay earlier. That would have saved people on both sides of the argument from unnecessary frustration.


It’s should happened earlier, or better yet, WHY NOT PLAYTEST?!?

It got what it had coming. Sorry that I’m not sorry for your loss, Procerathomimus users.


I mean the health it’s not that of a problem, the problem it’s the speed nerf, it lost 4 points and the immunity to decel, i can see procera with 2400hp but with 131 or at least 130 and with the decel immunity :sob::sob:, i will miss him, i would like to trade DoT resist for decel resist :c


Or at least 2650 to survive 1 rampage from erliko

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Nerfing is one thing. Destroying it is another.

So when Monomimus becomes the new “Pro-rat” will people clamour for nerfing it?

It’s a vicious cycle!


Nah, I wasn’t advocating for Ludia’s actions. Most players on here wanted a nerf, and a nerf, no matter how small, is still a nerf to me.

You seem to be missing the point. No reasonable person would ask for a nerf simply because they keep losing to a creature. If that was the case, the forum would be flooded with threads asking to nerf Thor.

The reason people wanted Procerathomimus to be nerfed was specifically because it was an Epic hybrid, with DNA that was easy to get (it’s been in countless events), meaning it did not deserve to be as powerful as it was (at least in the health department). Another good reason was because it lacked reliable counters of the same rarity for tournaments.

Monomimus is not an Epic, and it has loads of counters. Why would anyone want it nerfed?


Maybe a little harsh, but I am am hoping that the reason they did this is to prepair it of a hybrid in the next update or two. That way all the dna of it I have waiting won’t go to waste, glass half full? :slight_smile:

ohhh, ir happens again.

Many decide to overboost and over level an Epic dino for PvP. Clearly an OP one.

Didn’t you remember what happened to Monomimus?

Its not my fault you decided to go for a dino that was clearly going to be nerfed at some point. And what about all the rewards, championship points, tournaments in good position and coins you received thanks to ProRat? You still have to thank Ludia that you will receive back your boosts.

However, forget about old game style and prepare for a total new experience.


Its only a legendary.

Seriously though, Monomimus is gonna be the new “Pro-rat”

And you will get people asking for nerfs.

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Tbh, I feel a lot happier with Monomimus being more powerful than procerathomimus.


I doubt that people will clamor for nerfs of Monomimus.

It has a lot of distraction and Evasive stance. But has literally no answer to shields or dodge (unlike Procerat with its Nullifying Strike).

It can also be slowed and even ‘Vulnerable’. Not to mention all the Resilient Strikes. I fear no Monomimus.


It can be countered extremely easily. No, it is not going to be the next Procerathomimus. One of the reasons a Procerathomimus nerf was asked for in the first place was because it lacked consistent counters.

Assuming that people ask for nerfs just because a creature is strong is unnecessarily pessimistic. Most of the people that ask for nerfs have legitimate reasons for doing so, but apparently not everyone pays attention to those.


You need to realise that everyone’s experience would be different.

But nerfing Pro-rat to oblivion is not the answer.

There are gonna be other “too OP” creatures soon. And people will ask for nerfs. This is a viscous cycle.

I do not know the answer.


He was nerfed too much. Making him a glass cannon is what we wanted. But glass cannons are suppossed to be fast. He should remain 131, not 127. The rest is probably fine, but I’m not sure now


Welp, I will politely disagree. I care about it, a lot. If its gonna be one-shotted by dang near everything in the game, I’d rather it at least have the advantage of speed. And once again, if the Nullifying Counter was actually physical (like a Nullifying Strike), then I wouldn’t mind Yoshi being the way it is at all.


Actually, that isn’t true, for most of the arguments I mentioned regarding a Procera nerf. The outcomes of matchups are based on fact, not on personal experience. For example on even grounds, Procerathomimus beats Purutaurus. That is a fact.
Procerathomimus beats Postimetrodon. That is a fact.
Procerathomimus beats Sarcorixis. That is a fact.
Do you want me to go on?
Procerathomimus DNA is easier to get than some of the creatures it is as good as. That is a fact.

I didn’t say it was.

Maybe so. That is a bit pessimistic though, and not necessarily true.

If there are overpowered creatures, it is literally our duty as players to give the devs constructive criticism, otherwise the game wouldn’t get any better.

It is a cycle, but it is one of communication, understanding, and compromise. Vicious is one thing it is not.

What is a vicious cycle is people investing in overpowered creatures without knowing that they might be nerfed.


Even with 131 speed, it loses to practically everything, unfortunately.