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Procerathomimus poll. Don't forget to include your vote

It would at least be better at revenge killing


I think there are already plenty of posts asking for that

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Not always.

You’ll find that those posts get shot down very quickly. There’s always people ready to explain that it’s a boost problem, and the argument usually stops there.

My rixis has beaten the Pro-rat

How can you you claim this? RNG is there.

Yes, but the chances of Rixis winning are low. Procerathomimus wins around 75% of the time.

So it’s safe to say that Procerathomimus reliably beats Sarcorixis.

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No! You said Pro-rat wins.

That is wrong

No, it isn’t. I didn’t say Procerathomimus always wins. It wins enough that it reliably counters Sarcorixis.

So, in a simplified way of speaking, Procerathomimus beats Sarcorixis.

If you prefer, I can be more precise.

On even grounds, Procerathomimus reliably beats Sarcorixis.

There. Happy?

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Dude you said thus. This is like claiming 100% win.
You should then say. You were not clear.

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I think that the nerf to yoshi is fair, the only thing that I don’t like is the nerf to the Health, 2400 is too low, I was thinking something about 3000 or 2800


Hey, this is JWA forum vernacular. When creature A reliably beats creature B, we say that A beats B.
If you’re not experienced enough to know that, ask. I’m always ready to clarify any doubts.


I am only saying you were not ckear. From your statements, it seems Pro-rat always wins.

If that is not the case you need to be more clear.

Do I really have to repeat myself? This is just how we talk. If you’re not used to it, that’s your problem. To any other forum user, I wouldn’t need to specify.
Ask, and we shall answer you.

Also, the topic is getting derailed. My point very clearly was that Procerathomimus reliably beats practically all the Epic hybrids, it’s a guessing game with Indominus rex G2. It’s very easy to see why people think it needs a nerf.


Sure. Whatever

I used to use Edmontoguanodon a lot against Procerathomimus, it was a very close to Counter thing.

Unfortunately, Edmontoguanodon isn’t very good anymore, especially thanks to No Escape, but the update might change that.
Currently, even if Edmontoguanodon lands an undistracted, undodged Rampage and Strike, that’s still not enough to beat Procerathomimus.

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I don’t think Procerathomimus is actually that bad. It’s still a solid creature, but just not the monster it was

Never really faced it much in the Arena.
Mine is at L15.
It was annoying in the weekend Tourneys.
Overall… idc.

It was not a Nerf. It was total annhilation. I hope all those whi… players are happy.
What’s the point of this opinion poll?
Many players cried, cried, cried, cried and cried. And now, they made it unusable.