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Procerathomimus Thoughts?

Honestly, if it isnt tyrant now, i dont know what will make it so. All hail christmas chicken

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This might make me rethink not having DC on my team, tbh…

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How Ludia balance team looks like
Again theres still time to fix that mess with procerato ,DC,itasino,thor and the new broken indoraptor


you referring to Indo gen 2?

One of then i dont remenber wich one :sweat_smile:

remember. the gen 2 one has a broken basic move and definite rampage, while the original doesnt. both will likely have extremely similar stats

I want to speak to the people that suggested this. I just wanna talk.

One of then or maybe both will get distraction immun that will be the end of tryko,dioraja

Thor isn’t even remotely a huge issue once it’s counters start becoming very common in lockwood library.

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both do, as well as stun immunity. tryko, dioraja, and thor all took a hit thanks to the indoraptor buff

I will put diplotato on my team just for thor i will enjoy it…very very much

we already have 2 great counters for yoshi and any other op creature… counters that wasn’t nerfed for 1.9:

matchmaker and boost :japanese_goblin:

take a look of who soloed all my team now, including my lvl 26 tier 666 yoshi:

player’s team:

my 24 indoraptor was 1 shot. the rest was 2.

who cares for uniques or tyrants… :roll_eyes:

edit: seems player changed team for tournament. I’ll keep looking if changes. but that posto did the massacre anyway.

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the end of trykos and diorajas cheap and super annoying ID+II+ID+tripple counter attack spam combo “tactic”? heck yeah! i am all for that

This is not ok

All hail Christmas Chicken!!!

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